18 March 2013

MBIQ Detects Ontario Quebec Fireball Meteors 17MAR2013

MBIQ Detects 2 meteors Ontario  21'10 EDT and Quebec Fireball Meteor 23'00 EDT 17MAR2013

If you witnessed this event please file a meteor sighting report on this website; thank you!

Initial Reports-
Ontario 21'10 EDT
Just saw a large beautiful meteor, duration was about 1.5 - 2.5 seconds. Time was 21:10 hrs est. Very fast, travelling south to north ( approx). Did not see any framentation, just a white bolide. I live in North Bay ontario, Canada. Cheers. Craig Moody
Quebec 23'00 EDT
17MAR2013 Gilles Gaumont Sainte-Julienne, Quebec, Canada 2300 EST 6 Sec E:S:E Blue Very bright almost fosferous Left a long trail Had a long trail and was very bright white/blue ish colour, Slight sound

MBIQ Sample Data-
Gatineau, Quebec arrived from google.ca on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching formeteor sighting ottawa march 17th 2013.
12:38:53 -- 1 minute ago
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lidgy said...

Was in Laramie traveling westbound on US I-80 I witnessed an object in the sky that apeared to be very large and traveling in a south-west to north-east directionwas visible for aproximately 1.25 seconds . Objecy to have a 1inch diameter with a tail apearing to be about 3 inches long in the sky (measuring at arms length) it was a brilliant white with light blue hues. Another person i was traveling with witnessed the same thing just prior to our witnessing of this the other traveler witnessed what apeared to be red with red-orange towards outside which they described as being approximately 4 inches in diameter in the sky it lasted a fraction of a second and no definitive direction was determined another traveler reported having feeling notious at the instant it appeared and nausea stopped after approximately 30 seconds of the event. Shortly after this event myself and another traveler reported having seen a bright flash of white light which appeared to fill the entire sky and no source direction could be identified by either of us