31 March 2013

Manitoba / Saskatchewan, Canada Meteor 29MAR2013

Manitoba / Saskatchewan, Canada Meteor 29MAR2013
Manitoba / Saskatchewan, Canada Meteor 29MAR2013
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Please get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your favorite forums and local news outlets; check security cameras and allsky cameras for a capture of this event. Thank you!
Please post a link and bookmark- http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com/

If you witnessed this event please file a meteor sighting report-CHECK security cameras; thank you!

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

29MAR2013 Brendan Annetts McCreary, Manitoba, Canada 23:15 (Central) We estimated it fell for 2-3 seconds. We were driving east and watched in fall in the north sky over the horizen. It appeared to fall straight down. We were driving and behind our shoulder's we seen what appeared to be a constant camera flash lighting up the sky. We turned and looked north and seen the sky lit up and a fireball falling towards the ground. After about a second of watching it, it exploded red/orange. Not as bright as the sun but much brighter than the moon. In a previously pitch black area we could easily see cattle in the field far away. The was a trailing fireball and when it exploded it looked like it broke apart into many pieces. Would love to get more information about this if possible. Any information in an email would be appreciated.

29MAR2013 D. Andres Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada 22:35:00 5-10 seconds Meteor travelled right to left while I was facing east. It was white with red/orange. Brighter than the planets. Yes I could see some fragments falling off. It was amazing. First meteor siting ever and I couldn't believe the brightness and being able to see the red/orange of it burning up!

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