12 March 2013

Hawaii Fireball Meteor 11MAR2013

Hawaii Fireball Meteor 06'14 11MAR2013
Hawaii Fireball Meteor 11MAR2013
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Initial Sighting Reports-
11MAR2013 Antony Clarke Pahoa, HI 6:30 am LST (Hawaii) 3-4 sec Traveled NE to SW.  We were facing NW. Bright green Very bright. Brighter than Venus. Borke into 2-3 pieces before reaching surface Upper track obscured by cloud so only lower part of track visible.  Apparent angle of descent was about 45deg.

11MAR2013 dennis Kona HI 06:14 has 7sec ne-sw Facing W Large Green Ball with white center and green tail  Brighter than Moon. Less than sun no Into the ocean didnt see slash. Sky was still dark

11MAR2013 Wendy Morriarty Mililani, Hawaii, USA 6:15:00 Two seconds S-W Green ball with long tail, appeared to break into two parts Very bright, like a flare Yes, appears to break into two parts, one large one small Very green in color, tail was more white

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