31 March 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 31MAR2013

Meteor Sighting Reported Across Northeast US
Huffington Post
On Friday night around 8 p.m. EDT, Twitter lit up with multiple accounts of a bright object, possibly ameteor, shooting across the skies of the northeast United States. Many of the spectators appear to be in the Washington D.C. area, but The ...

April Meteor Showers
For those of us who reside in the northern hemisphere, the spring season provides only one decent meteor shower to watch shooting stars streak across the sky. While not as productive as the August Perseids or the December Geminids, the annual Lyrids ...

Meteor caught on camera in Maryland (video)
Detroit Free Press
Caught on camera: East Coast meteor: Multiple people in the Washington area reported spotting ameteor in the sky Friday night. Kim Fox of Thurmond, Md. and WUSA photojournalist Kurt Brooks captured it on camera.

Meteor lights up night sky over eastern United States
Yahoo! News (blog)
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A meteor bright enough to be classified as a fireball lit up the night sky over eastern North America on Friday, providing a spectacle witnessed in at least 13 states, Washington, D.C. and two Canadian provinces, the American ...

Meteor Seen Exploding Near Berlin Home
BERLIN, Md. - A meteor lights up the night sky from Maine to North Carolina and on Delmarva. One Worcester County woman says she believes she knows where this one may have landed. "It was huge," said Amy Kern of Berlin. Kern is talking about a fireball ...

Scientists: East Coast meteoroid strike unlikely
But she soon realized that what she and thousands of others along the East Coast had seen was in fact a meteor. The extraterrestrial display caused quite a stir, coming just weeks after a 55-foot meteoroid blazed through the sky over Chelyabinsk ...

Reports: Meteor Spotted Over DC, New York, New England ... Did You See It?
From Boston to the Carolinas on Friday night, there were hundreds of unconfirmed reports on Twitter and other social media outlets of a meteor-like object visibly re-entering the Earth's atmosphere shortly before 8:00 p.m.. Montgomery County resident E.

Dramatic meteor streaks across Eastern sky - Bangor Daily News
WASHINGTON — What appeared to be a big, bright meteor streaked across the skies Friday ...

Meteor lights up East Coast -- and social media
But his tune changed once he posted something about the presumed meteor on a local social media web page, which triggered a quick and hearty response. That was just the tip of the online iceberg. Through Friday night, new reports of meteor sightings...

Friday Night's Fireball: Did You See It?
He also wrote, "Most of the fireball/trail was a bluish hue, but at the point where it sort of exploded there was a bright flash of yellow, I witnessed at least 3 different visible parts break away from the primary meteor, and for the last half second ...

Studying Rocks Found On Earth For Clues About Space

Sat, 30 Mar, 2013 06:37 AM PDT
With samples from over 1,800 separate meteorite falls around the world, ASU's Center forMeteorite Studies claims the world's largest university-basedmeteorite collection. Meenakshi Wadhwa explains howmeteorites can teach researchers about the history of the solar system.Continue reading

Meteor Spotted From Boston to DC
If you were gazing skyward Friday night, say right before 8 p.m., you may have noticed somethingout of the ordinary -- a bright celestial object streaking across the heavens. Reports of a meteor began flooding Twitter around 8 p.m., and news outlets ...

Social Media Abuzz As East Coast Residents Spot ...
15 sec
Meteor sightings reported across coast, reportedly crashed in Delaware.

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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