10 September 2012

MBIQ Bot Indicates that Alberta / B.C. Hit by something Big Bolide? -No Info yet 09SEP2012

MBIQ Bot Indicates that Alberta / B.C.  Hit by something Big Bolide?  -No Info  yet  09SEP2012

It is apparent after human check that event specified was reported as:

09SEP2012 Sharon & Brad Hunter Panask Summit, Coquihalla Highway,  BC 14:48:00 3 to 4 seconds South East Fire Ball Same as the sun no Fell almost in front of us,  approx 2 km away

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Action request all future traffic forums.castanet.net BANNED from MBIQ future assessment.
UPDATE! The MBIQ Bot software has triggered on a non-meteor event due to a DDos attack. Over 2000 "hits" in 20 minutes???
Confirmation- Denial of Service Attack (DDoS Attack).

NO EVENT! source forums.castanet.net Comment - Admin clean up your list actions please; thank you in advance.  
MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) Bot has triggered on an unknown event in B.C. and Alberta 09/10SEP2012.  Updates pending ASAP.
MBIQ Data:
Too Numerous 99% confidence that event happened. Down-rated < 1%
Summary- Forged attack- DDoS.
Post self-generated assessment.  EncryptCode: HQIFT35ZPTQgk701B

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