19 September 2012

Saipan / Guam Bright as the Sun Bolide Meteor Fireball 17SEP2012

Saipan / Guam Bright as the Sun Meteor w/ Fragmentation ~ 19:00 Local 17SEP2012
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Guam / Saipan Bolide 17SEP2012
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17SEP2012 Noel Saipan, CNMI 1900 2-3 seconds East to West when facing South Bright reddish/orange/white center Sun None rapid descent path as if to impact southwest of Mariana Islands

17SEP2012 Jeff, Davis, Grant Levy Barrigada, Guam 0840 Z 10 secs S-N white to Green to Blue bright as sun fragmented into two sections very long streak

2012 THE Year of Meteors!

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