22 September 2012

Breaking News - UK / Ireland / Holland Bolide 21SEP2012 Hundreds Report

Breaking News - UK / Ireland / Holland Bolide Meteor ~22:55 GMT 21SEP2012 Hundreds Report

Important Update!!!
Read this and get the word out to your friends and local press; thank you! 27SEP2012

Over 500 meteor sighting reports (link; you will have to scroll down several times to read all 500+ reports) filed with this site about the meteor over the UK and Holland.  Map and details to be posted in a bit.  -LunarMeteorite*Hunter, Tokyo
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UK / Ireland / Holland Bolide Meteor ~22:55 GMT 21SEP2012
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Video Sent by Gina from Dublin, Ireland taken with cell phone.
Thank you Gina!!! Great job!

I spotted a very large and bright meteor travelling the full length of the sky at 10.55PM, East to West. The meteor was also green with parts breaking off it. Luckily for me I was taking advantage of a clear night and was taking photo’s with a DSLR camera at the time. The camera is a Konica Minolta Dynax 6mp.
At first, the meteor looked like a firework and it took me a second or two to realise what it was so I pointed the camera in that direction and took a photo. I did not get chance to focus and I am not sure over what time-frame the photo was taken as I hastily turned the dial up and snapped.
You will just about see “Ursa Major” underneath the path of the meteor. The path of the meteor was right to left.
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Loyal Readers Emailed directly prior to my posting:
Amazing Fireball!
Hi, just wanted to tell you of the most amazing fireball meteor that has just passed through our night sky at approx 22.55 hrs tonight. We are in a place called the Rookery, nr Mow Cop, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Wish I could have got the video recorder out in time, it was such a fantastic sight and travelling at such speed :)
Best regards
Helen Millard -  Thank you Helen for the heads up!

Meteor Spotting!
I'm sure I just saw a fireball in Sheffield uk at about 10.55pm. Did anyone else spot it?
-Carla  Thank you Carla!

Meteor Sighting!
Hiya, I've seen something strange in the sky over Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales! It was heading in a South West direction. It looked like a ball of fire going thru the sky with a firery tail trailing. It then looked like it had broken into small balls of light as it slowed down, coming lower to the ground! This occurred at 22.55 GMT on 21/09/12. I'd like to know if anyone else may have reported to have observed the same incident. Or if you know what this was, could you let me know please? I'd be very grateful.
Thanks, Kylie!  Thank you Kylie!!

I have just seen a fire ball pass outside my house, I live in Bolton Upon Dearne, Rotherham, South Yorks UK. I happened to be outside with my dog at 10.50pm. It travelled in an east to west flat trajectory and estimate its altitude to have only been around 100m, i followed its path for a good ten seconds before it impacted in the Manvers/Wombwell Low Valley area. The ball was large and cycling in colour from white, gold, silver and blue. The trail also cycled the same colours. I estimate the trail to have been around 30m inlength. The ball its sell did break up into 4 pieces, 2 smaller, 1 medium and 1 quite large just before impact. - jcnorthuk  
Thank you!!!

Just Saw Meteor!
Hi it's the first meteor I've ever seen!! Time zone is GMT location daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire, England. Was from north east falling to south west I watched for just under a minute. It was breaking up and on fire leaving longish trails, it was very very very close!!! And finished above the wheat field behind my property!
Kindest Regards, Mr Singh  Thank you Mr. Singh!

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I saw it too. it was amazing. Jo Darling from Market Harborough, Leicestershire x