22 September 2012

Breaking News - NE US / Canada Bright Meteor 21SEP2012

Breaking News - NE US / Canada Bright Meteor ~20:30 EDT 21SEP2012
Reports have just started streaming in concerning sightings of a bright meteor seen over the NE United States, and Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

Important Update!!! 27SEP2012

Currently there are over 90+ reports.
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NE USA / SE Canada Fireball Meteor ~20:30 EDT 21SEP2012
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beth said...

High falls, ny Sept 21 2012 24:30 10:30 pm streaking from the northeast sky tip the southwest.
Bright white duration more than 5 seconds. As large as a thumb tip illuminating the sky like a bright Moon. So big I was bracing for the earth to shake on impact.

Leh27 said...

I'm the lone skywatcher in falls church, VA. I saw a bright white light (brighter and a little bit bigger than stars that were visible) around 10:30 pm last night. It didn't look like a typical "shooting star," which is why I reported it. Is it even possible to see something like that from this far away?

cclaire said...

I saw it too glad to know I'm not seeing things. I was also waiting for the after effects. Yarmouth, Nova Scotia