04 September 2012

Meteor Activity Over TX AR OK 03SEP2012

Meteor Activity Over TX AR OK 03SEP2012
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TX OK AR Meteor Activity 03SEP2012
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Sighting Report from Weatherford, TX
Thank you for your kindness in sharing what you saw!
(c) 2012 Drawing by Johnny Holder, Weatherford, TX
Several? Meteor events were reported over Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.
From the times and reported directions of travel it is hard to make heads or tails of these events; perhaps more sighting reports will help clear up the picture.

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Initial Reports:

03SEP2012 Mike Denton, TX USA 2130 CDT 4 sec S-N Turquoise, large, bright Very bright, slow Possibly 2 parts Brightest, largest I have seen

03SEP2012 Jane dunbar Bartlesville, OK. Usa 21:15:00 3 to5 seconds? W-E Yellow no sound Bright like a star Had a tail Yellow core with illumination around it

03SEP2012 David Harrison, AR 21:10, CDT 2-5 sec Spotted to SSE, traveling left to right, very steep angle. May have impacted near Ponca, AR Red, turning to orange,with lots of sparks, then turned green. about same as moon large shower of sparks One of the most beautiful I've ever seen, never seen green before. Also the first time I saw one I beleived might impact.

03SEP2012 Sandra Denton,TX 21:04:00 6 or 7 secs, it didn't travel as fast as most meteors north to south large green fireball, maybe with alittle red looked about as bright as a traffic light not sure, it didn't burn evenly none

03SEP2012 Wendy Klein Kyle, Texas, USA 9:02 p.m. Central Standard 3 seconds Traveling to left toward N-W direction lime green with red on tips of tail bright like venus no fragmentation Unreal and incredible to see the colors I saw!

03SEP2012 Valerie Irving, Texas 2100 several seconds South to Northeast Bright Green, some white brighter than Venus as it closed down on the horizon it fragmented, one piece sparked off rather brightly it was slow enough that I was able to tell my husband look to the right and see that green meteor but I didn't take a cell phone picture of it

03SEP2012 Kate Austin, Texas, USA 20:45:00 2 seconds South East to North West Blue and green Similar to the moon. Not a sharp brightness, it was surrounded by a faint foggy halo. No It was falling extremely fast, and looked to be very close to the earth (i.e., closer than the lights of an airplane flying above).

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