06 September 2012

Update from Battle Mountain, Nevada Meteorite Search 06SEP2012

Battle Mountain, Nevada Meteorite Search 06SEP2012 -Update

Battle Mt, Nv Aug 23, 2012 Fireball.
"A large Fireball was observed over the mountain range SW of Battle Mountain, NV. The fireball produced enough energy to turn night into day. The sonic boom was heard from Battle Mt. to Winnemucca, Nevada. Here are a couple of pictures from the meteorite hunt. I personally have not recovered any meteorites from this event yet. I have more trips planned to the area and will update as field work continues" - Sonny Clary

A view looking East towards Battle Mt from the strewn field. 
(c)  2012 Sonny Clary
800~900 gram ordinary chondrite from the Battle Mtn. Fall
(c)  2012 Sonny Clary

For more information on the Fireball here is the link to Marc Fries Radar Analysis page.  http://www.galacticanalytics.com/

On a light note -- May be a hammer stone? Unconfirmed report...
Looks like the first tossed rock from Battle'field' Mountain has been recovered!!

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