22 September 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 22SEP2012

Bright meteor or space debris broke up over UK on September 21
EarthSky (blog)
Many EarthSky Facebook friends are talking about – and Twitter is buzzing about – an extremely bright meteor, or possibly human-made debris from space – that broke up over the northern UK tonight (September 21, 2012). The sightings came around 2200 ...

Meteor 'Fireball' Lights Up Sky Across UK
Sky News
People across the UK have reported seeing a large meteor shooting across the night sky. It was seen breaking up into pieces last night, with sightings reported across northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Hundreds of people took to Twitter ...

Spectacular Fireball Lights Up UK Sky - Slashdot
The Bad Astronomer writes "An extremely bright meteor burned up over Ireland and the northern UK around 22:00 UTC on Friday night, and was apparently ...

Huge fireball seen in sky over Ireland -- Fire in the Sky -- Sott.net
A Massive fireball was seen right across Ireland last night which may be "one of the best ever seen" in Europe and was a "huge event", according to Astronomy ...

Meteor breaking up over Dalbeattie UK - YouTube
17 sec
Meteor breaking up footage taken from Dalbeattie Scotland.

BBC News - 'Meteor' footage captured over NI
20 sec
A BBC Northern Ireland film crew captured footage of the bright objects in the sky over Ballymena ...

Huge Meteor over England! 50 second trail - YouTube
1 min
just seen a huge meteorite in Yorkshire! i managed to track it for 50 seconds, witnessed it for ... youtube.com

Spectacular 'meteor' shower over Britain - Telegraph
Thousands of people across the UK have reported huge fireballs streaking across the sky in what ...

Video: Meteor shower streaks across UK skies ...
Sightings of what is believed to be a meteor shower shooting across the night sky and breaking ...

14 sec

Meteorite - YouTube
16 sec
Meteorite Trail Forming (A Lucky Catch)by EastCoastScottt78 views · Extinction Asteroid ...

Video: Meteor Shower Sighted In Skies Across UK
People from across the UK have reported seeing bright objects in the sky, thought to be meteors ...

METEOR IN IRELAND (21/09/2012) - YouTube
15 sec
Watch Later Nokia 5310 Locked To Meteor Ireland Unlocked in seconds @ Mobile Phone ...

Meteor Shower in the sky - Mullingar Ireland - YouTube
21 sec
On my way home heading in to town,see this big Yellow thing in the sky, pull up and as I got out ...

Meteor Shower in the sky - Northern Ireland - YouTube
40 sec
Noticed this as i was in my yard. Managed to capture a few seconds of it.Meteor Shower?

Meteorite Over Cheshire - YouTube
25 sec
Block this user. Blocking a user will stop them from making comments on your videos or channel ...

Meteorite Entering Earths Atomosphere - YouTube
7 sec
This was taking tonight, not sure if its a meteor or something else.

Meteorite Disintegrating Over Knottingley Power ...
33 sec
Captured this at 10:55pm on my iPhone 4S. Just randomly spotted it out of our side window ...

Meteorite shower over Penmaenmawr and ...
31 sec
Just captured this on my phone camera sorry about the quality cameras not so good in the dark ...

Ancient meteor fragment removed from ground in Marquette County, sent to MTU
Marquette Mining Journal
NEGAUNEE - Professors from Michigan Tech University were in the area Thursday morning to collect a piece of ancient history. Bill Rose, an MTU research professor specializing in volcanology, oversaw the removal of a boulder near the Marquette County ...

Bright and streaking fireball reported on Friday evening across the northeast
Reports are coming in fast and furious and buzzing across social media sites of Facebook and Twitter, along with other news websites of a bright fireball, possibly a meteor or meteorite, that streaked across the sky in the northeastern states around 8...

Huge fireball seen in sky over Ireland
Irish Times
A MASSIVE fireball was seen right across Ireland last night which may be “one of the best ever seen” in Europe and was a “huge event”, according to Astronomy Ireland. The trail of fragments passed across the sky at about 10.55pm with sightings reported ...

Many report seeing a fireball in the sky over Oneida Lake
NewsChannel 9 WSYR
Several of our Facebook fans commented about the alleged fireball, while several viewers called our newsroom at about the same time claiming they had see a light in the sky at around the same time. The American Meteor Society posted on its website ...

Meteorites spark emergency calls
The Press Association
A suspected meteorite shower over Scotland has prompted a flurry of 999 calls from worried members of the public. Concerned callers from Airdrie to Arbroath likened the lights they saw in the sky to flares, fireworks and even a plane crash. Coastguard ...

UFO fear turns out to be meteor shower
The Northern Echo
... of unidentified flying objects which were lighting up the night sky" between 11pm and 11.30pm on Friday night. He added: "Inquiries reveal that the origins of the activity was a meteor shower which was evident across the whole of the North of ...

Video and pictures: 'Meteor shower' spotted over skies of Greater Manchester
Manchester Evening News
The lights were spotted by hundreds of Twitter users across the region who sent descriptions and pictures to the Manchester Evening News. No meteor showers had been forecast by astronomers in the UK but the reports are thought to be consistent with ...

MBIQ Detects MA NJ NH MD DC RI Fireball Meteor 20SEP2012
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*** Disclaimer - I have not had time to check all videos; certainly there will be faked videos (and photos) of the UK event.
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