19 September 2012

Slovenia / Slovakia Meteor(s) Reported 18SEP2012

Slovenia / Slovakia Meteor(s) Reported 18SEP2012
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Slovakia / Slovenia Meteor Sightings 18SEP2012
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Initial Reports:

18SEP2012 Marko-mb Slovenia 20:50 UTC+1 6 sec or I was facing West and saw it from  W to N Bright yellow long trail. Like I saw it burning. very bright I saw like it splited before it burned totaly I had never seen anything like it and Ive seen many meteorites during nights. Bright, long lasting, very long trail and like it fell apart before burned totaly

18SEP2012 kev1ar Bratislava, Slovakia 18:43 UTC 10 sec 280 W moving Left to N bright green bright more than city lights divided into smaller pieces like by explosion no photo

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StojanMB said...

I saw meteor in Slovenia too. Long yellow trail, high speed from S to N, also at 20:50.

BabsWuz said...

I saw this meteor in Vienna (Grinzing) too.. very high speed from S to N/W round 20:45. a big burning ball with long flash light trail. It looked like to fall down soon on earth.

Scud.cz said...

Hi, I saw this from Czech Republic, it flies from East to West, Starts at 20:47 PM (Cet). Its looks like fireball with many separated parts. Duration of flight through 4-5sec, after this time it disapears behind roof.