26 February 2012

Texas Meteor 25FEB2012

Texas Meteor ~23:30 25FEB2012

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25FEB2011 joe quitman, tx USA 23:30:00 3 sec at most NE to SW bright blue, almost like a welders ark bright a lighting bolt 2 big parts with thousands of tiny parts not photo, caught totally off guard, heard noe sound but it was very close. had to be within 1/2 mile of my location

25FEB2011 Ray curtis euless texas usa 23:55 central standard time 4-6 sec almost directly down lookin ESE greenish color also split in to two pieces just as it went out of view brighter than any star but not the sun or moon split in two none

25FEB2011 Louise Drennan League City, Tx USA 23:29:00 5 seconds N Straight down Blue Np sound Too far away moon but blue in color no it was pretty large ..pretty to watch . have seen others at night from my home

25FEB2011 Seville Gonsoulin Arlington, Texas 11pm cst 7 seconds Left to right..slow fireball like Bright yellow Same as sun Stream of light behind big ball of flame None

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