25 February 2012

Replay - Meteorats to Hit Alberta! Rockhaven/Battleford Sask. Strike! 25FEB2012

Meteorats COMING SOON! 24FEB!!!

Man claims meteorite find
Now geologists and astronomers who study meteorites are trying to get in touch with the man in an attempt to verify whether the rocks are connected to Tuesday's meteor sighting, which rattled houses as it zoomed over North Battleford. ...

Bolide  Wainwright, Alberta Canada. February 21, 2012
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Feb. 21 Bright Meteor Over Western Canada 
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Rat Attack on NOVA
be prepared for the NEXT Meteorite Hunt in Canada With RATS!

Rats Rule, Dogs Left to Drool for Meteorites!
Belgian-trained African Giant Pouched Rats now being used to search for landmines will soon be trained by meteorite hunters to hunt for meteorites, predicts LunarMeteorite*Hunter, Tokyo, Japan. Rats have an acute sense for smell and are extremely accurate in detection; rat "packs" will soon be used to search meteorite strewn fields in Brazil, Slovakia, Canada, the United States and elsewhere, the US and elsewhere (Rats! Alberta prohibited by Law source:RMCA (Rat and Mouse Club of America).
  The Belgians have been working on this technique for years and will be the first to demonstrate in the field. It is rumoured that NASA (USA), JAXA (Japan) and ESA (Europe) are planning rapid response teams of rats for recovery of newly fallen meteorites.
" Dogs will soon be out of use due to their large size and food consumption; rats are "in"". Hopper The Meteorite Dog and Brix The Dog will soon only be on late night TV re-runs?
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Meteor as seen over Wainwright Alberta Canada. February 21, 2012

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