15 February 2012

Breaking News -Florida Meteor Event(s) 14FEB2011

Florida Meteor Event(s) 14FEB2011

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14FEB2012 Bruce Almberg Jupiter, Florida 20:56:00 3-5 seconds N-S bright white-blue core, bright orange-red flames and sparks Venus YES! It look very close, due west of where I was, steep descent, slight curve in tragetory towards end, distictive sparks flying off, i tracked it all the way down to horizon

14FEB2012 Daisy winter garden, Florida 9;00 i dont know lost view of it left to right looked redish then turned green like brighter than the moon idk beautiful

14FEB2012 Caralyn Hirschman West Boca Raton, FL, USA 18:30:00 15 seconds East Red, no sound brighter than the moon I don't know I saw the circle (ball) and a medium size tail

14FEB2012 Sara Schreck Mulberry, Florida United States 20:56:00 2 sec Right to Left Bright Green ball with Orange tail It was very bright. I would say as bright as the moon maybe even brighter. I did not see any It was very bright, it looked to be close by and not nearly as high as any stars or moon. At first glance i thought it might be a really bright, strange fire work but then realized it was not.

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