13 February 2012

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 13FEB2012

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By Lunar Meteorite * Hunter
Chesnee, South Carolina arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Portsmouth, New Hampshire Green streak in sky 12NOV2011" by searching for green streaks in the sky. 15:47:05 -- 5 minutes ago 2012 THE ...
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News

Explosion heard in Upstate Monday may be meteor
Anderson Independent Mail
Officials in Spartanburg County said a large boom heard by many people in the Upstate Monday morning may be a meteor. Law enforcement saw a large ball of fire that popped in the air around 1:45 am Monday. Viewers from across the Upstate, ...

Romania sends first nanosatellite to space
Romania's satellite Goliat, designed as a cube with 10 cm margins and weighting 1 kilogram, will capture high – resolution images, measure radiations, and micro-meteorinflux. It includes a digital camera, a nuclear radiations detector, ...

Michael Callahan finds meteorites might seed Earth life
New evidence from meteorites supports the ongoing speculation that life on Earth might have been seeded from space. Research published in August, 2011 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – suggests that meteorites are likely the ...

Mighty Martian meteorite lands at Natural History Museum
A rare Martian meteorite that could help unravel the mysteries of Mars has arrived at the Natural History Museum in London today, obtained with the support of a donor. The meteorite is the largest piece from a shower of stones that fell to Earth in ...

Martian Meteorite on Display [VIDEO]
By Akshaya BS: Subscribe to Akshaya's RSS feed Researchers from the Natural History Museum in London have discovered a huge Martian meteorite which is now on temporary display in the Museum's vault gallery. Researchers believe the meteoritewill help ...

New video surfaces of meteorite
by KVUE News More video has surfaced of the meteorite that passed over Austin at the beginning of the month. During the recording of a band playing on the deck of the Crab Shack on Ladybird Lake, you can see the meteorite cross the Austin skyline.

Meteorite hunt underway in Titus County
Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune
By MARCIA DAVIS-SEALE In the afterglow of a meteor reportedly trailing across the sky February 1st, meteorite hunters are now scattering across East Texas in search of scientific finds. Steve Arnold, professed professional meteorite hunter and host of ...