05 February 2012

Western Australia Bolide Meteor Fireball 5FEB2012

Western Australia Bolide Meteor Fireball ~01:10 am 5FEB2012

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05FEB2012 sas Perth  01.10am 10 sec Australia yellowish huge yellowish shooting star not that i saw no photo

05FEB2012 Rhett WA Kalgoorlie 1:05:00 15 seconds N-S Green As the moon N/A I've never see anything like it, it had a huge tail..

05FEB2012 dan perth, WA, Australia 1:18 15 seconds N-S orange, blue, yellow brighter than moon, larger than moon none massive, bigger than moon.

05FEB2012 Tara Isaac Perth, Western Australia 01.10 hours approx 20 secs E-W Large, bright green fiery head,long white tail Brighter than venus No No photo, seen while driving freeway North

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