06 February 2012

Breaking News - Ontario / MI / NY / PA / OH / IN Meteor Fireball 6FEB2012

Breaking News - Ontario, Canada / MI / NY / PA / OH / IN, USA Meteor Fireball~6:40 AM EST 6FEB2012
ONT, Canada / MI, NY PA Meteor Fireball 06FEB2012
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06FEB2012 Janice Beichner Venus, PA  USA 6:43 am  EST 7-8 seconds NE/E  Left to right Green with orange leading edge- quite large quite bright considering time of day (brighter than Venus) no 20 degrees or so above horizon- 45 degree angle of descent

06FEB2012 Jason Dugard Waterdown, ON, CAN 6:40am EST 4 sec NE-SW Orange/Flame Very bright - brighter than moon. Yes.  Looked like about 7-10 pieces. Relatively slow moving and large.

06FEB2012 mike ithaca, ny 6:40:00 3sec left to right, west to east white to green ball very bright not that i could see amazing.

06FEB2012 MStephens New Baltimore, MI  USA 6:40:00 5 seconds N-S Green/Blue Not too bright but very noticable no no tail, went from N-S then looked like it went down.  Awesome and scarry at the same time!  My daughter saw it at the same time I was driving her to school.

06FEB2012 Sean Williams Rochester, NY, USA 06:37 EST 5 seconds N sky approx 10 degrees of inclination travel L to R when facing N Green with a dispersion cloud about 2 seconds after the initial light disappeared brighter than moon no fragmentation dispersion cloud could be traced for another 2 seconds

06FEB2012 Greg Norwich NEWMARKET, ON, CANADA 6:38:00 2 sec N-E Blue green no tail Moon No My first Bolide

06FEB2012 Jordan Belleville, Ontario, Canada 640 6 sec West to East Bright Green Moon Yes A bright green mass moving West to East for about 6 sec. then deteriorated.

06FEB2012 Brian Silver Bath, Ontario, Canada 0650 EST 3 secs, view blocked at end northern sky W-E white light breaking up brighter than moon yes descending behind structure west to east

06FEB2012 Courtney Graham Brampton 0641 EST 5 Sec N-S Left to Right Green ball of light getting brighter Moon No Started light green light (like wing light of airplane) then got brighter/bigger. Like fireworks intensity. Developed bright white center, and then went out. seemed to be trevelling almost horizontally, with slightly downward trajectory (~5 degrees).

06FEB2012 Cynthia Langlois Brampton 6:40:00 8 to 10 sec S/E Left to right White Blue moon no Bright white blue streak long tail with a more bluish ball  travelling on an arc

06FEB2012 Carol Goulet Toronto, Ontario, Canada 6:40 a.m. 3 to 4 seconds north to south bright green with long green tail arching downward moon brightness no fragmentation travelling east on the QEW highway, city & highway lights too bright to see stars, but this was very visible.

06FEB2012 edward koopman toronto, ontario, canada 6.30 am 5 seconds left to right white colour bright light no thought it was small plane crashing near the airport

06FEB2012 Jennifer Cambridge, ON, Canada 6:45:00 5 seconds NE, L to R White, no sound Brighter than a normal star No fragments Definitely noticeable as something odd, came to this site to confirm what I saw, this was not a fireball, closer to a falling star but brighter.

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