06 February 2012

Neon Green Bolide Meteor Fireball Over Corfu, Greece 21JAN2012

Neon Green Bolide Meteor Fireball Over Corfu, Greece 21JAN2012
Bolide over Corfu, Greece on 21JAN2012 at 22:23 UT
(c) 2012
 Photograph by Bill Metallinos 
Used with permission.
A fantastic photograph of a bolide over Corfu, Greece on 21JAN2012, 22:23 UT by Bill Metallinos

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Η ερασιτεχνική αστρονομία στην Ελλάδα http://www.astrovox.gr/forum/album_search.php?mode=user&search=bi2l 

Greece / Macedonia Bolide 21JAN2012 update with Corfu Sighting
(c) 2012 LunarMeteorite*Hunter, Tokyo ?Google Earth
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