22 October 2009

Sudbury Impact- New Papers 21OCT09

The Sudbury impact layer in the Paleoproterozoic of northern Michigan, USA

Cannon, W. F., K. J. Schulz, J. Wright Horton, Jr., and
David A. Kring, 2009, The Sudbury impact layer in the
Paleoproterozoic iron ranges of northern Michigan, USA.
Geological Society of America Bulletin. Ahead of Print,
September 25, 2009


Pufahl, P. K., Eric E. Hiatt, Clifford R. Stanley, Jared
R. Morrow, Gabriel J. Nelson, and Cole T. Edwards, 2009,
Physical and chemical evidence of the 1850 Ma Sudbury
impact event in the Baraga Group, Michigan, Geology.
vol. 35, no. 9, pp. 827-830.




Source: Paul H., USA

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