04 October 2009

Meteor/Meteorite News- 3OCT09

Another Mars meteorite, and more

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Opportunity Finds Another Meteorite

nasa's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has found a rock that apparently is another meteorite, less than three weeks after driving away from a larger ...

Eye on October skies

Broomfield Enterprise
On the morning of Oct. 21, the Orionid Meteor Shower will peak. With no moon to interfere with viewing these meteors, one can expect to see 30 meteors per ...

Space Rocks

Emporia Gazette
When a meteorite crashes to the earth it will generally break up in the atmosphere, spreading its pieces over a certain area in what is known as a strewn ...


Indiana University
The Orionid meteor shower will peak before the first light of dawn on Oct. 21. Moonlight will not interfere, so observers with a dark sky may see up to 30 ...

Dinosaur-Killer was Soft on Algae

Astrobiology Magazine
As for the cause, geologic evidence incriminates a meteorite that landed off of the Yucatan peninsula – although some debate continues over just how lethal ...

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