02 October 2009

Pacific Ocean Meteor 28SEP09 Update- 2OCT09

Images by YC Sentinel (c) 2009
Pacific Ocean "Bright as the Sun Meteor" -- Update
first reported by YC Sentinel on 28SEP09.

Calculations have been made by YCS on the estimated detonation over the Pacific Ocean of the small asteroid recorded on video on Sept. 28.

Video of the event: http://www.geocities.com/stange34@sbcglobal.net/v20090928_0226.mov
(let the video loop several times to see the whole flash)

Yuba City Sentinel--
"This event was at 0226:56 PDT in the Morning hours of Sept. 28th, 2009.

Fireball origin was about 6 degrees above horizon, and descended to about 2
degrees above my horizon. (Roughly estimated).

Initial azimuth was 311 degrees. Detonation occured at 314 degrees.
Follow-up burn out took 0.6 seconds and appeared to go to my horizon limits.

Peak light intensity exceeded Sandia Sentinels 30,000 pixel scaling limit."

"Using the rough elevation & azimuth data(West & 45 deg.) of the Oregon
observers Sept. 28th posting on AMS, and my accurate azimuth only,
disregarding my visual horizon estimate....it appears that the detonation
point is ~250 miles off
of the coast of lower Oregon and ~425 miles from Yuba City on a bearing of
314 degrees True North.

I believe the Oregon observer is likely near Medford(from my past memory),
and I have done a rough pictorial triangulation.

Given the great distance and the brightness from the two observation
points....Is it likely that this event is not a meteor, but rather a
small asteroid which detonated?

"Tungustita" of sorts....????

YCSentinel reported on MeteorObsList


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