22 October 2009

meteor/Meteorite News- 21OCT09

Телефон, изработен от метеорит

HiComm - София,Bulgaria
Луксозен мобилен телефон, при изработката на който е използван материал от паднал на Земята метеорит, пусна компанията Mobiado. Моделът се нарича Grand 350 ...

In the Tent: Morning shower

Aspen Times
(I learned only later of the ongoing Orionid Meteor Shower, which is expected to peak early this morning — so take a look if you're up early. ...

Nunavut a haven for geology

Northern News Services (subscription)
Nunavut is also a good place for locating meteorites, Beauregard said. "There has even been a meteorite or two," he said. Photos of a possible meteorite ...

UFO crash in Russia last week

A meteor? Or perhaps a rocket? The local Chairman of the local civil protection office, Anotoly Nyukin, insists that no rockets could have landed in the ...

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