11 October 2009

Meteor/Meteorite News- More Videos of the 6JUL09 Pennsylvania Fireball 10OCT09

I've recently been able to collect 4 new meteor videos from the York
Water company. All of the videos come from the same original location
and are taken from different cameras.

One in particular has really good shadows.

An interesting observation I made while reviewing these: 3 of the
videos show a secondary light flash after the primary burst. In the
shadow video it looks like the shadow is longer on the secondary
flare. I think this could mean the 2nd object is lower in altitude?

Another thing that is interesting is in one of the videos a light goes
out 27 seconds after the meteor is first seen. I'm thinking the sonic
boom tripped a sensor or blew out the light bulb. I'm not sure if
there is benefit in knowing the exact amount of time that transpired
from the original sighting to the sonic boom.

These 4 videos bring York Water's total video count up to 6 plus the 3
others makes 9 total videos for this fall.

I put all 6 York Videos into one youtube to keep them all in the same
place. Two of these are re-posts but the other 4 are new.


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