14 October 2009

Netherlands Meteor/Meteorite News- Groningen Bolide 13OCT09

Groningen Bolide

Meteorite explodes over north Groningen


Meteorite explodes over north Groningen

written Wednesday 14 October 2009

Hundreds of people report seeing a spectacular fireball or meteorite
over the Netherlands in Tuesday's clear evening skies.

The police emergency number, Dutch coastguard and KNMI weather bureau
report dozens of phone calls about the meteorite, which was seen in
Germany and Belgium.

'I was standing in front of my window when there was a bright flash of
light and a white fireball in the sky fell apart into three smaller
ones,' eyewitness Erik Alberts from Zuidbroek in Groningen province
told Nos tv. 'Like fireworks. A few seconds later, perhaps half a
minute, there was a low rumble and the windows shook.'

Excellent Photographs:


Fireball Meteor Over Groningen

Credit & Copyright: Robert Mikaelyan

Explanation: The brilliant fireball meteor captured in this snapshot was a startling visitor to Tuesday evening's twilight skies over the city of Groningen. In fact, sightings of the meteor, as bright as the Full Moon, were widely reported throughout the Netherlands and Germany at approximately 17:00 UT. Accompanied by sonic booms and rumbling sounds, the meteor was seen to break up into bright fragments, eventually leaving a persistent smoke-like trail. Even though there are bright fireball meteors in planet Earth's atmosphere every day, sightings of them are relatively rare because they more often occur over oceans and uninhabited areas.

Robert Mikaelyan`s Website about the Groningen Bolide


13 October 2009
Time: 18.57 hour
Place: Groningen
Location: Suikerunie


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