10 October 2009

Meteor/Meteorite News- 9OCT09

NASA's moon blast called a smashing success

San Francisco Chronicle
... walls have kept its flat surface in total darkness since it was formed by the impact of some unknown meteorite or comet a billion years or more ago. ...

Today in History

Radio Taiwan International
On this day in 1992: A 13 kilogram fragment of meteorite landed in the driveway of a residence in Peekskill, New York. It was thus named the Peekskill ...
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It was 'Friday Night Lights,' indeed

The rock, to be known henceforth as the Peekskill Meteorite, buzzed the East Coast, startling high-school football fans gathered outdoors in several states. ...
Meteorite hunters scour Grimsby fields

Hamilton Spectator
Yesterday he was joined by eight similarly enthusiastic meteorite hunters from Western and McMaster University as well as the Royal Astronomical Society. ...

Meteorid strahlt 100 Mal heller als der Vollmond

Spiegel Online - Hamburg,national,Germany
"Bisher gibt es nur ein Dutzend Meteoriten, von denen wir so gute Daten haben", ... McCausland und seine Kollegen hoffen nun, Trümmerteile des Meteoriten in ...


挖贝网 - Beijing,China
核心提示:陨石被誉为太阳系的“考古样品”,极具科学研究价值。昨日,记者还从中国极地研究中心获悉,在科考期间,内陆冰盖考察队员将在南极“冰盖之巅”——冰穹A安装更多 ...

A weekend in swanky Greenwich, Conn.

... the Bruce entices families to sit in a wigwam and listen to American Indian stories, touch a chair-sized meteorite, play I-Spy in a woodlands ecosystem ...


中国经济网 - Beijing,China
“月球陨石坑探测卫星”是NASA的又一个“探月之旅”,目的是在月球寻找水源并进行详尽的勘测, ... 它将于本月9日撞击月球陨石坑,届时有望发现月球存在大量水资源的证据。

Apophis asteroid will miss us in 2036 but remains threat

Irish Times
Then there is Meteor Crater, Arizona. A metallic asteroid about 50 metres across hit us travelling at an estimated 12.8km per second, punching a 1.2km-wide, ...

Searching for space rocks in Grimsby

St. Catharines Standard
Something catches the meteorite hunter's eye as he stalks across an enormous farmer's field in Grimsby. He hunches down, peers through a thick bed of weeds ...


网易 - Beijing,China
据悉,火箭将美国东部时间9日发射,以时速5600英里撞向预先选定月球陨石坑,紧随的LCROSS卫星将尘土数据传回地球。随后,LCROSS会以同一方式撞向月球表面。 ...

Meteorite hunters comb Grimsby farm land for space rocks
St. Catharines Standard Thu, 08 Oct 2009 16:26 PM PDT
Something catches the meteorite hunterâs eye as he stalks across an enormous farmerâs field in Grimsby. He hunches down, peers through a thick bed of weeds and prods at the small, hard object with a stick.[...]

Astronomers ask for help in meteorite fall
Toronto Sun Thu, 08 Oct 2009 10:22 AM PDT
Astronomers at the University of Western Ontario are asking residents around Grimsby, Ont., to help in the hunt for one or more possible meteorites. Updated 8th October 2009, 1:20pm

Meteorite hunt on â VIDEO
The North Bay Nugget Thu, 08 Oct 2009 10:13 AM PDT
LONDON â Wanted: Meteorite hunters. No experience required. Reward: Bragging rights and the knowledge you helped solve a tiny piece of the puzzle that is our universe. University of Western Ontario scientists need help finding a meteorite that fell to Earth on Sept.[...]

Scientists seek meteorite in Ontario
CNews Thu, 08 Oct 2009 02:24 AM PDT
Wanted: Meteorite hunters. No experience required.


中新网 - Beijing,China
陨石坑被撞时,会产生相当于1.5吨黄色炸药的威力,扬起的77.2万磅灰尘会升至6.2英里 ... NASA表示大家无需杞人忧天,因月球经常受到陨石撞击,这次火箭撞月球根本是小事。

Blast may be result of falling space waste or meteorite: Lapan

Jakarta Post
... residents of Pallete village in the South Sulawesi regency of Bone earlier in the day might have come from falling space waste or a meteorite. ...

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