14 October 2009

Meteor/Meteorite News- 13OCT09

Jimmy Westlake: A great year for Orionid Meteors

Steamboat Pilot
This October's Orionid meteor shower will peak between the hours of midnight and dawn on the morning of Oct. 21. A single observer with the benefit of dark, ...

The search for meteorite bits among the goose droppings

Globe and Mail
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail Published on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009 12:00AM EDT Last updated on Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009 1:23AM EDT In space, the ancient meteor ...

Space Ref (press release)
Old ice: Climate record from last 2.5 million years may sit at the surface of ...

Space Ref (press release)
The first indication that Allan Hills held million-year-old ice actually came from meteorites collected there by scientists working on the Antarctica Search ...
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Cosmic Object Caught On Camera

So if there's other videos, then we might be able to triangulate and see if there's a meteorite that landed somewhere," said Ashcraft. ...

Meteorite streaks across NM sky

"If we can get other camera angles, than we can put all the positions together and possibly hunt for an important--scientifically important--meteorite," he ...

Mars Rover Spots Another Meteorite
SPACE.com via Yahoo! News Mon, 12 Oct 2009 08:01 AM PDT
NASA's intrepid Mars rover Opportunity has found yet another meteorite on the surface of the red planet.

Opportunity rover finds yet another Mars meteorite
Spaceflight Now Sun, 11 Oct 2009 19:16 PM PDT
In a remarkable discovery 126 million miles from Earth, the Mars rover Opportunity has found a second large iron meteorite sitting just a half mile from its twin sibling where they both landed on Mars within seconds of each other 3 billion years ago. ...

Mars Rover FAQ: The Martian Lives of Spirit and Opportunity

Spirit and Opportunity have shed light on the history of water on Mars in the distant past, explored Martian hills and meteorites, and even rolled inside ...

Марсианский вездеход Opportunity обнаружил еще один "свежий" метеорит

СайберCекьюрити.Ру - Москва,Russia
В НАСА сообщили о том, что марсоход Opportunity обнаружил на поверхности Марса еще один метеорит, который, судя по тому, что еще не успел покрыться слоем ...

Stargazing for Beginners at Kenosha Public Museum

The Daily Kenoshan
Take a closer look at the objects among the stars, such as nebulae, galaxies, comets, meteors, and meteor showers. Learn about the Sun and how to view it ...

Mars Rover Spots Another Meteorite

By SPACE.com Staff nasa's intrepid Mars rover Opportunity has found yet another meteorite on the surface of the red planet. Opportunity stumbled upon this ...

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