18 October 2009

India Meteor/Meteorite News- Additional Material Related to “World's Biggest Impact Crater” (??) India 17OCT09

Additional Material Related to “World's Biggest Impact Crater” (??) India

Dr. Chatterjee explains the Seychelles-India break-up as the result
of a massive extraterrestrial impact in:

Chatterjee, S., and N. M. Mehrotta, 2009, Significance of the
Contemporaneous Shiva Impact Structure and Deccan Volcanism
at the KT Boundary. Geological Society of America Abstracts
with Programs. vol. 41, no. 7, pp. 160.


The explanation for the Seychelles-India break-up as argued by the
majority of geologists is given in "Age of Seychelles-India break-up" at

and in:

Collier, J. S., V. Sansom, O. Ishizuka, R. N. Taylor, T.A. Minshull
and R. B. Whitmarsh, 2008, Age of Seychelles–India break-up,
Earth and Planetary Science Letters. vol. 272, no. 1-2, pp. 264-277


Both the web page and paper have a list of other papers about
pertaining to the geology of the structure, which Chatterjee argues
to have been created by an asteroid impact.

There is a PDF file of a nonpneer-reviewed paper that discusses h
Chatterjee's hypthesis in greater length. It is:

Chatterjee, S., N. Guven, A. Yoshinobu, and P. Donofrio, 2006, Shiva
Structure: a possible KT boundary impact crater on the western shelf
of India.Special Publications, Museum Texas Tech University. no. 20.




Paul H.

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