11 October 2009

Meteor/Meteorite News- 10OCT09

Leonids meteor shower to occur on Nov 17-18

The Nation
PRACHIN BURI - The Leonids meteors shower, possibly with 100-150 falling stars per hour, would occur on November 17-18, a local wise man for Thai astronomy ...

Earthlings wake early for NASA poke at man in the moon

Monterey County Herald
... amount of data that will now be analyzed. But, like most of the meteor showers the Professor stays up late to watch, the moon shooting was a disappointment.

NASA Moon bombing: Did NASA really drop a bomb on the moon?

Christian Science Monitor
The every time you see a meteor shower or a falling star, there is a could chance the Moon has been hit! Stop whining and get some facts, instead of just ...

My Insurance Agent Will Never Believe This
MalaysiaNews.net Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:51 PM PDT
Meteorite 1, Malibu 0: A spectacular fireball crossed several U.S. states during its 40 seconds of glory before landing in Peekskill, New York, in 1992. The resulting meteorite (bottom) is composed of...

Daily TWiP - The Peekskill Meteorite dents a 1980 Chevy Malibu in 1992
The Nashua Telegraph Fri, 09 Oct 2009 09:11 AM PDT
Welcome to the Daily TWiP, your daily dose of all the holidays, historical observances, etc., we couldn't cram into The Week in Preview. ...

It was 'Friday Night Lights,' indeed
The Day Fri, 09 Oct 2009 03:29 AM PDT
Look! In the sky! It's a $500 deductible! On the evening of Oct. 9, 1992, (also a Friday) a 30-pound, football-sized meteorite streaked into the Earth's atmosphere. The rock, to be known henceforth as the Peekskill Meteorite, buzzed the East Coast, startling high-school football fans gathered outdoors in several states. The space rock caused a sonic boom and burst into flames. Several people ...

Meteorite hunters scour Grimsby fields
Hamilton Spectator Fri, 09 Oct 2009 01:41 AM PDT
GRIMSBY (Oct 9, 2009) - Don't be alarmed if you've noticed people traipsing through fields south of town carrying golf clubs with the heads removed.

Meteor hunters descend on Grimsby farm fields
Welland Tribune Thu, 08 Oct 2009 21:51 PM PDT
GRIMSBY â Something catches the meteorite hunterâs eye as he stalks across an enormous farmerâs field in Grimsby. He hunches down, peers through a thick bed of weeds and prods at the small, hard object with a stick.[...]

Coming attractions in space

Marvel over meteors: We're also building up toward one of the best meteor showers of the year, the Leonids, with the peak expected on Nov. 17-18. ...


网易 - Beijing,China
美国东部时间9日上午7时31分,也就是北京时间当天晚上7时31分,“半人马座”火箭首先撞向月球,地点选在位于常年不见阳光的月球南极的一个名为“Cabeus”的陨石坑。 ...

Touchdown bass

All of a sudden I started to see a meteor shower about midnight, so I decided sit back and watch it. I rarely stay out late fishing on weeknights, ...


网易 - Beijing,China
针对这一情况,NASA表示无需杞人忧天,因月球经常受到陨石撞击,这次火箭撞月球 ... 他们说,月球上有很多环形山,而且不断有新的环形山形成,这都是大量陨石经常撞击 ...

Daily TWiP - The Peekskill Meteorite dents a 1980 Chevy Malibu in 1992

Nashua Telegraph
It would've been worth the expense on this day in 1992, when Knapp's car was struck by the Peekskill Meteorite. The Peekskill Meteorite was unique in that ...

LCROSS Hits Its Target, But Visuals Weak

Aviation Week
NASA's mechanical meteor hit its target on the south pole of the moon early Oct. 9, with scientists hoping that it would send a shower of regolith - lunar ...

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