16 May 2014

Breaking News- GA TN SC NC AL KY Meteor 15MAY2014

Breaking News- GA TN SC NC AL KY  Meteor Apprx. 21"41 Eastern 15MAY2014
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GA TN SC NC AL KY Meteor Apprx. 21"41 Eastern 15MAY2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
15MAY2014 Mark Rigge Greenville, SC, USA 21:53/EST,pm 10 seconds East to West White ball with a tale fairly low to the ground Moon + No East heading due West

15MAY2014 Dan V Riceville, Tennessee, USA 21.41 approx 15 secs covered all sky e - W bright white with trail venus yes awesome!

15MAY2014 Gary Harrison Royston, GA, USA 21:38:00 @ 15-20 ? Moving from SE to NW Bright white, long tail, no sound Brighter than Venus No I have never seen a comment of this magnitude, whose tail was still visible after it had traversed half the night sky. It seemed orbital, as if it was not actually coming into the atmosphere, e.g., it did not fall, but made a complete pass.

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joanna wilding said...

we saw this break up! it was by far the largest we had ever seen. actually seeing huge parts breaking away. sighting Cheshire, England - 4 second

Wade said...

My brother and I witnessed this. My brother said, "look a shooting star!" I thought I would miss it but was very surprised to turn and see a bright and long tail moving across the sky.

Our location was Latitude : 33.673741 | Longitude : -85.10466