17 May 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 17MAY2014 - Early

UPDATE: Meteorite Likely Cause of Large Boom and Quake
WSAZ NewsChannel 3 West Virginia - 21 hours
Officials are investigating reports of a large boom that was heard and felt across numerous counties.

Australians report mystery flaming object falling from sky
Daily Telegraph - 8 hours
Mystery flaming object plummets from space to Earth in northeast Australia - meteorite or falling satellite blamed

Officials identify source of boom felt across region
The Register-Herald - 19 hours
The National Weather Service says a window-shaking boom felt across much of southern West Virginia brought hundreds of calls to 911 centers ...

Australians report flaming object falling from sky
Sin Chew Jit Poh - 20 hours
SYDNEY, May 16, 2014 (AFP) - Residents of northeastern Australia have reported seeing a flaming object plummeting to Earth, police said ...

Camelopardalid Meteor Shower Date and When to Watch: Rare Cosmic Event to Bring Hundred of ...
Latin Post
While meteor showers vary in intensity, astronomers expect the Camelopardalidmeteor shower to produce hundreds of meteors per hour and can be ...

Meteor streaks through the sky
According to NASA a basketball sized meteor entered the earth's atmosphere above South Carolina travelling at around 78,000 mph and eventually ...

Long-Lasting Fireball Streaks Over Southeast US (Video, Photos)
"This fireball was not part of any meteor shower and belongs to a class of meteors called Earthgrazers," Cooke wrote in the statement. "These meteors ...

"Earthgrazer" Meteor Over Southern USA - Astronomy and Astrophysics - Unexplained Mysteries ...
"Earthgrazer" Meteor Over Southern USA - posted in Astronomy and Astrophysics: Earthgrazer Seen In The Southern Sky At 8:38:30 PM CDT, ...

Brilliant Fireball Streaks Over Southeastern US (Video, Photos)
SPACE.com via Yahoo! News - 22 minutes
A rare, long-lasting fireball streaked through the skies of the southeastern United States Thursday night (May 15), putting on a show for ...

Fireball over Kentucky and West Virginia – May 15, 2014 | American MeteorSociety
A large and bright fireball was seen and reported by approx. 95 witnesses across Kentucky and West Virginia (May 15th 2014, 9:38pm EDT – May ...

Q&A: How life might expand in the universe
I have been studying samples of these asteroids in meteorites to evaluate their soil fertilities and the responses of microorganisms and plant tissue ...

A Giant Ball Of Fire Fell From The Sky In North Queensland
Gizmodo Australia
Astronomer Owen Bennedick told ABC that while most of the meteorite would have been burned up in its entry through Earth's atmosphere, any part ...

Ball of light flashes through sky in central Queensland
Gladstone Observer
REPORTS of a large meteorite or other object lighting up the sky in central Queensland and hitting the earth are starting to flood Facebook. There are ...

Possible meteor sighted in Tenn., eight other states
Fireballs are meteors that generally are brighter than Venus, and "the brighter the fireball, the rarer the event," a posting on the American Meteor ...

Iowa city blames meteor that hit 74 million years ago for current difficulty drilling well
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The difficulty apparently is due to a meteor that struck an estimated 74 million years ago, creating what's known as the Manson impact crater.

Rare meteor shoots across Tennessee sky
Bill Cooke, head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, said the very bright meteor entered the atmosphere over Columbia, S.C. at 9.38 p.m. The ...

Loud and Glowing
"I looked up and flames were coming across and I thought, 'Oh, it was a meteor.' It was just this round ball with flames coming out of it." Harmon said ...

Phoenix Astronomical Society - Meteor Shower & Star Party in Carefree
Meteor Shower & Star Party in Carefree "Cameloperalids" Meteor Shower of Comet Linear. Everyone Welcome. Bring a chair, jacket, & your family ...

Meteor Lights up Tennessee - Earth Gazing Fireball Burns Bright For 250 Miles | Space
Not part of any meteor shower, entered Earth's atmosphere at 78,000 mph above Columbia, South Carolina and burned up just north of Chattanooga, ...

American Meteor Society - Member Area - AMS Event
AMS received 53 reports about a fireball seen over IN, KY, NC, OH, SC, TN and WV on May 16th 2014 around 02:15 (UTC)

Huge fireball seen over Qeensland might have hit t... - The Watchers
The Watchers » Latest articles
A giant fireball was seen falling from the sky over central and northern Queensland on May 15th. According to eyewitnesses, a massive ball of fire had ...

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