21 May 2014

Dubai Astronomy Group Event 23/24MAY2014 Camelopardalis Meteor Shower

Dubai Astronomy Group Event 23/24MAY2014 Camelopardalis Meteor Shower

Location: Bab Al Shams Desert Resort, Click Here for Location map.
Event start: 21.00pm of Friday 23rd May Event ends: Sunrise on Saturday 24th May

Join us to witness a potentially ‘once in a lifetime’ event. Predictions suggest that a new meteor shower will be seen on the 24th May as Earth is expected to cross the debris trail left by comet 209P/Linear. Based on professional forecasts this meteor shower could turn out to be a unique meteor storm. A meteor storm could see dense outbursts of bright multiple meteors and provide in excess of 1000 shooting stars an hour during its peak. Lowest expectation would be 60-100 meteors an hour. You won’t want to miss this…

This Dubai Astronomy Group event will also provide visitors an opportunity to look through the club telescopes at other celestial objects including; Saturn, Mars, double stars, globular clusters, nebula and other deep sky objects. In addition, the Moon rises in the morning, just before sunrise, in a close conjunction with the planet Venus. The event will feature live presentations and videos about the night sky plus featured online broadcasts to the wider international astronomy community.

The event is working in collaboration with Astronomers without Borders and will feature live links between Dubai and California.

The event is also supporting a global broadcast from Slooh Telescopes. Slooh operate a network of robotically controlled telescopes which are used by its worldwide membership for Astronomy imaging and observing. Slooh is a major worldwide outreach facilitator of public astronomy and hosts regular online events. Dubai Astronomy Group is a listed partner.

The event will also include periodic Live Google+ Hangouts On Air and will be available on YouTube for those unable to attend in person;

Google Hangout Part 1

Google Hangout Part 2

Google Hangout Part 3

Google Hangout Part 4

Dubai Astronomy Group YouTube

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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