06 May 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 06MAY2014

New 'Meteor Storm' from Comet May Light Up Night Sky This Month
Skywatchers have something exciting to look forward to this month — a possible new meteor shower that could send up to 1,000 shooting stars per hour streaking through the sky. On May 23 and May 24, Earth should plow through debris shed by Comet 209P/LINEAR, astronomers say. "This potential new…

Extraterrestrial vitamins smash into Earth
The Columbiachronicle
The team at NASA's center for Astrobiology crushed meteorites with a mortar and pestle before beginning vitamin B-3 analysis, according to the study. ...

Meteor Shower Peaks Pre-Dawn Tuesday
CBS Local
The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is the first of two meteor showers that occur each year as a result of Earth passing through dust released by Halley's ...

How To Watch The Meteor Shower Created By Halley's Comet Tonight
Business Insider
The annual Eta Aquarid meteor shower will peak on Monday night through the early morning hours of Tuesday, May 6. The Eta Aquarid happens every May as Earth passes through a string of space debris, including dust, rock, and ice, that comes from Halley's comet. ...

25-foot asteroid comes within 186,000 miles of Earth
A 25-foot asteroid passed between Earth and the moon over the weekend, coming within 186,000 miles of Earth's surface. ...

“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”… How Scientists Replicated a Mars Meteorite
Universe Today
The rover made a 360-degree study of the meteorite five years ago taking measurements and many stereo images. But because Opportunity couldn't ...

Meteor lights up the sky in western NY, Canada
New York Post
A bright fireball lit up the skies of western New York state and Canada on Sunday as a meteor burned up in the atmosphere above. Dashcams across ...

Rare meteor sighting reported across GTA
Toronto Star
A flash of light was spotted by dozens of GTA residents on Sunday evening as a meteorweighing several tonnes streaked across the city sky.

Meteor shower to peak this week
That litter comes close to Earth twice each year: once in May, called the Eta Aquarid meteorshower and once in October, called the Orionid meteor ...

A New Meteor Shower in May? - NASA Science - Science@NASA
Sky watchers in North America could witness a new meteor shower on May 24th when, for the first time, Earth passes through a cloud of dust from ...

Lighting up the sky: Canada's history of meteorites
It only becomes a meteorite once it hits the ground. ... While driving home, he picked up the pieces of the meteorite with a plastic bag around his hand, ...

Brilliant Daytime Fireball Streaks Over Canada, New York (Video) | Space.com
A well-placed dashboard video camera captured the light of the brightmeteor, which could be seen from parts of Canada and New York on May 4. ...

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