24 May 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24MAY2014 DELAYED

Strange Rocks Found in Earth's Crustal Graveyard
LiveScience.com By By Becky Oskin, Senior Writer
May 22, 2014 2:15 PM
Models of how the Earth's mantle works may need to change, thanks to two new studies that recreate the extreme conditions just above the planet's core. ...

NASA captures before and after shots of Mars impact crater
UPI - 7 hours
Brooks Hays PASADENA, Calif., May 23 (UPI) -- Mars weather scientist Bruce Cantor recently came upon evidence of a fresh crater, using ...

Research shows collision created Chelyabinsk asteroid
PhysOrg - 10 hours
(Phys.org) —On February 15 2013, an asteroid exploded about 30 kilometers above Chelyabinsk, Russia. The explosion, shared on video around ...

Asteroid collided with another before exploding over Russia with '30 times force of atomic bomb ...
ABC Online
Analysis of recovered Chelyabinsk meteorites revealed an unusual form of ... The form of jadeite found in the Chelyabinsk meteorites indicates the ...

Carambola spaziale per il meteorite di Chelyabinsk - YouTube
youtube.com ⋅ 01:48
E' una proprietà comune ai meteoriti che piombano sulla Terra quella di aver subito in passato uno o più scontri con altri corpi celesti. E anche quello ...

New Meteor Shower Expected To Light Up The Sky Overnight « CBS Pittsburgh
FILE PHOTO: A meteor (L) from the Geminids meteor shower enters the Earth's atmosphere past the stars Castor and Pollux (two bright stars, R) on ...

Man sees Jesus in meteorite - Video on NBCNews.com
Video on NBCNews.com: Dec. 17: A Texas man sees Jesus in a meteorite. KXAS-TV's Susy Solis reports. - DELUSIONAL JESUS! - Meteorite HOAX!

Don Hladiuk - meteor showers - Calgary Eyeopener - CBC Player
Our starman Don Hladiuk tells us about a surprise meteor shower this weekend that could be the most spectacular night of the year.

Chelyabinsk meteorite smashed into an asteroid 290 million years ago: Traces of jadeite mineral ...
Daily Mail
Footage of an asteroid that exploded last year over Chelyabinsk, Russia, leaving more than 1,000 people injured, quickly went viral last year.

Pioneering study of four billion-year-old Mars meteorite
Western Morning News
Gavyn Rollinson used ground-breaking technology to map the mineralogy of a section of the meteorite – which was discovered in North Africa and .

Camelopardalids Meteor Shower's Parent Comet Imaged | Exclusive Video: Investigator Interview ...
... in September 2013 and again in May 2014 (seen in video). The possible meteorshower may hold clues to how active the comet was in the past.

NASA Discusses Historic Meteor Shower - AOL On
aol.com ⋅ 03:10
A dazzling meteor shower is happening early Saturday morning. NASA's Dr. Michaelle Thaller talks to Fox59 from the Goddard Space...

What to expect from the Camelopardalids meteor shower - Science - CBC Player
What to expect from the Camelopardalids meteor shower. CBC News speaks with Michael Reid, an astronomer at the University of Toronto.

Israel News - Tonight: “Meteor Showers” in the Sky - JerusalemOnline
May 23, 2014 - Tonight, dozens of astronomy enthusiasts will be waiting eagerly for a meteor shower, the likes of which has seldom been witnessed ...

Meteor shower could be visible in NC Friday :: WRAL.com
wral.com ⋅ 03:42
NASA scientist Michelle Thaller talks with WRAL News about the Cameloparadalidsmeteor shower, which will be visible in North Carolina on Friday, ...

Skywatchers in North America could see a major meteor shower tonight | Mail Online - Daily Mail
Skywatchers could see a major meteor shower tonight. It's not clear how many shooting stars will be visible, but scientists expect it to range from ...

Fiery Meteorite lights up Italian sky | Video Library | The Asheville Citizen-Times
citizen-times.com ⋅ 00:33
A magnificent fireball was seen over Italy, believed to be a meteorite. Authorities have yet to find any remnants.

Meteor shower expected this weekend, public invited to star gazing parties | FOX13Now.com 
FOX 13 News' Dave Nemeth has more information on the meteor shower in the video above. The Salt Lake Astronomical Society is staging two ...

Meteor shower should be visible by the naked eye until dawn - Toledo News Now, Breaking News ...
A full-fledged storm is moving into the Toledo area Friday May 23 night. It's not a snow storm. It's not a rain storm. Rather, a meteor shower, and ...

Meteor shower to be visible from East Tennessee
KNOXVILLE (WATE) - If you want to see a “potentially amazing” meteor shower, Friday could be your night say NASA scientists. The Camelopardalids ...

NASA Predicts Spectacular Meteor Shower | Video - ABC News
go.com ⋅ 08:03
Dr. James B. Garvin of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center says the stars will align for a meteor shower 2 A.M. ET Saturday 5.23.2014.

What to know about the new meteor shower - The Washington Post
washingtonpost.com ⋅ 01:42
May 23, 2014 11:42 AM EDT — A meteor shower that is expected Friday night has never before been seen by humans, and astronomers think it could ...

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