21 May 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 21MAY2014

Phil Plait promises us a spectacular meteor shower on Friday! » Pharyngula - Freethought Blogs
Experts are predicting we may be in for quite a show: a brand spanking new meteor shower that will peak on the evening of Friday, May 23, 2014!

Night sky spotting: Meteor shower expected - CBS46 News
As for the upcoming meteor shower, NASA says the best viewing time will be from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Saturday. The comet 209P/LINEAR is leaving a ...

Telescope Reviews: Fireball Meteor Shower May 23rd/24th - Cloudy Nights
People do not seem to be taking this possible/probable new fireball meteor shower seriously. And it starts on Sunday morning EDT at 1:40 AM!

meteorite du 18/05/2014 a 3h52 - YouTube
youtube.com ⋅ 00:13
meteorite du 18/05/2014 a 3h52 cam bosch ltc0498/51.

Meteor shower due Friday night/Saturday morning; see photos from last big one over Alvord Desert
The Oregonian
The Alvord Desert is a 400-mile drive from Portland, but you may not have to go that far to see this year's biggest meteor shower. Weather forecasts ...

Meteor shower expected to dazzle Valley
The Camelopardalis meteor shower is expected to be visible overnight Friday into early Saturday morning, said Carl Hergenrother, a science team ...

Possible meteor shower night of May 23-24 | Pine Mountain Observatory
Story about possible new meteor shower due to comet 209P/LINEAR.

Live webcast of Comet LINEAR and new meteor shower, 23-24 May
On the night of May 23rd, a new meteor shower, now named the Camelopardalids, will appear in the night sky with potential to become a full meteor ...

FM radio will pick up sounds from upcoming meteor shower "Camelopardalis ... - the cosmos news
THE COSMOS NEWS ⋅ tap taru
It's one thing to see a meteor shower. But did you know that you can “hear” one, too? Just turn on the radio this coming Friday after-hours, and you will ...

National Space Centre - Spectacular new meteor shower expected.
Spectacular new meteor shower expected. 20-05-14: Written by Josh. This weekend we are going to be going a little comet crazy here at the National ...

Society for Popular Astronomy - Meteor and Fireball News
As you may be aware, there are predictions that significant meteor activity may be seen from North America on the morning of May 24th 2014 when the ...

Meteor shower of the decade this Friday: When and where to watch in Dubai
Emirates 24/7
UAE residents are promised spectacular meteor showers this weekend, with sky-watchers set for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness a brilliant ...

Meteor Shower Expected Friday Night
KMPH Fox 26
Sky watchers across the country and right here in the Valley could be in for a real treat this Friday. Astronomers are anticipating a new meteor shower.

Comet 209P/Linear US and Canada on Alert A New Meteor Superstorm Expected May 23-24 (+ ...
Comet 209P/Linear US and Canada on Fire – A New Meteor Superstorm on May 23-24. Two years ago,meteor experts Esko Lyytinen of Finland and ...

Meteor Fireball Boom over West VA May 16th 2014 - YouTube
youtube.com ⋅ 04:37
Meteor Fireball Explosion over West VA May 16th 2014 & Mystery Booms http://www.wchstv.com/newsroom/eyewitness/140515_25475.shtml ...

Could largest-in-century meteor have been stopped? - YouTube
youtube.com ⋅ 03:13
Despite the huge size of the Russian meteor, its appearance in the skies was a surprise. It entered Earth's atmosphere completely unnoticed by ...

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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