29 May 2014

Breaking News-Victoria / NSW, Australia Fireball Meteor 28MAY2014

Breaking News- Victoria / NSW, Australia Fireball Meteor Approx. 2152 AEST 28MAY2014
Seeking More Information! Security Camera Video or photos...NEEDED!
12 Meteor Sighting Reports
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Victoria / NSW, Australia Fireball Meteor Approx. 2152 AEST 28MAY2014
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Sonics Reported!
I think this hit near my house.. I heard a rumble and my house shook at this time and I've been Googling looking for accidents or explosions in my area but maybe this was it
I have been search the net for a blast or explosion near my house at the time. Friend also commented of bright flash near my house and I felt a vibration and my house rattled. Is it possible this meteor was the cause? Chad C.

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-28MAY2014 Jack Scott TYNTYNDER SOUTH, VIC, AUST APPROX 2200AEST 3 seconds First observed at approx 20 DEG ELEV, 010 DEG AZIMUTH. Travelling straight down., White flash over northern hemisphere of sky caught my attention then looked up to see orange shaft proceed quickly down to horizon. No sound was noticed. Initial flash was similar to lightning when close by, followed by bright orange shaft toward horizon and glow in surrounding clouds. None observed Oberved passing through layers of distant cloud. Orange shaft appeared about half the thickness of a pencil when held at arms length.

28MAY2014 Angela Cowra, NSW, Australia approx 2200 AEST Only saw last 2-3 secs before impact. Facing west, came from north (right to left) but more vertical than horizontal Fireball was orange with long blue tail. Impact light was a bright dome that clearly showed the outline of the hills and vegetation in the horizon between us and the impact point. Heard no sound, but eerie silence and stillness after impact. No vibrations felt either. Brighter than a full moon. After impact, bright white/blueish light (like extreme lightning, but sky was clear). None seen No idea how far impact was from us ...

28MAY2014 j Wallace Redesdale ,Victoria 2200 (approx) 5 n-nnw..travelling right to left large two winged fireball shape racing towards ground sun no odd blunt shape...

28MAY2014 Dean C Bathurst, NSW, Australia 2155 4 almost ground - steep descent red, yellow, white sun / same as bright flare ? steep descent meant was close?

28MAY2014 claire Bendigo, Victoria 2155 4sec NNE in bendigo sky travelling vertically down slightly off to the left yellow fire ball with tail looked like a massive sparkler waving to the ground brighter than the moon yes looked like a sparkler looked as if to hit the ground and lit up the surrounding buildings and sky no vibrations or noise

28MAY2014 josh scott Kyabram, victoria, australia, post code 3620 2152 10 east to west fireball with trail like plane on fire // . I was traveling north in my car saw a bright orange fire ( fireball with a tail) in the sky at approx 25 - 35 degrees decent angle. Travelling from east to west. At approx 10 pm. Austrailia time. no fireball decending over northern victoria

28MAY2014 Stuart Moss Beveridge, Victotia, Australia 21:52, Eastern Standared Time, PM 1.5 -2.5 seconds It was to the North, It traveiled in a vertical direction straight down. It past through the clouds and appered to continue on to the ground. As it past through the clouds, the sky light up a bright fire yellow. No sound heard The Fire ball was red and yellow with a long yellow tail. It lit up the sky bright yellow as it past through the cloud. None seen. I'm guessing it was 150Km away I think it may have hit the ground.

between wellington and molong in NSW
I saw an incredible flame of light just as it disapeared behind a hill whilst driving between wellington and molong in NSW at about 955 pm it was to the west of this road and had fallen from the north. I only saw it for a very short period as it actually gave me a fright when i caught it in my perriferal vision and turned to see it whilst driving. My passenger and i thought that it was literally just over the hill from where we were. It was amazing to see. Nick

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