16 May 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16MAY2014

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: MBIQ Detects
MBIQ Detects - Queensland Australia Meteor - witness reports landing site SW of #townsville http://t.co/58GoQlh83W #nq #qld by QLDWhitsundays ...

Meteorite lights up central and western Queensland
Fraser Coast Chronicle
"I was on the phone to a friend in Charters Towers when I saw the giant fireball with a trail (meteorite) come through the clouds and hit the ground, then ...

Meteorite lights up central and western Queensland
Northern Star - 57 minutes
REPORTS of a large meteorite lighting up the sky in central Queensland and possibly hitting the earth are starting to flood Facebook.

Rosetta's Target Comet is Becoming Active
European Space Agency- 15 May 2014
The target of ESA's Rosetta mission has started to reveal its true personality
as a comet, its dusty veil clearly developing over the last six weeks.
The sequence of images presented here of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
were taken between 27 March and 4 May, as the gap between craft and comet
closed from around 5 million km to 2 million km. ...

Deadly Meteorites Routinely Explode on Earth
Malaysia Sun
"Since meteorites are sometimes entering the atmosphere, and they are creating loud air bursts," said acoustic officer Pierrick Mialle. "Then we will ...

Camelopardalis meteor shower (storm?) May 23/24 - Physics Forums
A new meteor shower will light up the sky next week in the northern hemisphere. Comet 209P/Linear is forcast by some to produce 200+ events per ...

te that froze Earth
The Courier Mail - 23 hours
AFTER slamming into the planet with the force of 300 million nuclear bombs, this dinosaur killing meteorite plunged the Earth into a ...

Astronomy Day activities reach from Evansville Museum to Audubon State Park
Evansville Courier & Press - 20 hours
The Evansville Museum and Evansville Astronomical Society have joined forces with Audubon State Park in Henderson, Kentucky, to present this ..

News Local
Fort Saskatchewan Record - 6 hours
Bruderheim has dubbed its volunteer icons for the year. The town, just north of the Fort, hosted a volunteer appreciation event, with a guest ...

The new meteor shower: We will collide with pieces of Comet Linear
Almanac Weekly
A new meteor shower is a rare event. After all, some of the existing annual displays of shooting stars have been around for millennia. The Chinese ...

New Meteor Shower Could Turn Into A Meteor Storm - WFMY News 2
Coming to a circumpolar constellation near you: An all-new, never-before-seen, awkwardly named meteor shower that just might knock your ...

'Imiloa Examines Space Rock Science
Big Island Now
Gary Fujihara will present a brief history of man and meteorite, separating fact from myth, leading to the current model of meteoritics, in the 'Imiloa ...

Witt column: A meteor shower poised to surprise
Sauk Prairie Eagle
Before sunrise on Saturday, May 24, Earth will pass through a debris trail left behind by Comet 209P LINEAR, giving us the chance for an outburst of ...

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