28 May 2014

BALLARAT, Victoria, Australia Fireball Meteor 25MAY2014 Likely Produced Meteorites! A$100 Pizza Offered for Video of Event

BALLARAT, Victoria, Australia Fireball Meteor 25MAY2014 Likely Produced Meteorites!
A$100 Pizza Offered for Video of THIS Meteor Event

On Sunday the 25th May at 6:25pm (AEST) a large fireball meteor was seen blazing over the skies of Victoria. It was seen to break into several pieces, and a sonic boom was heard around the Daylesford and Yandoit areas. This indicates relatively large meteorite/s may have fallen to the ground in the area.

I am requesting CCTV, dashcam or webcam footage from anywhere in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo or surrounding areas that show this fireball streaking through the sky. Footage will need to have a time stamp to confirm authenticity and to help with calculating a fall location.

Please check your outdoor CCTV footage of any cameras with a view of the sky facing the west or north on 25th may 2014 at 6:25pm, plus or minus 10 minutes.

Fresh meteoritic material can help with planetary research, understanding how the solar system was created, and possibly even explaining how life began. The Murchison meteorite that fell to the ground in 1969 was rich in complex organic compounds, and is one of the most studied meteorite falls in history.

A meteorite can be identified by a black outer appearance, a fusion crust caused by high speed entry into the earth's atmosphere, and at least one side of the meteorite may be rounded. When hunting meteorites, please respect the owners of private land, and ask their permission to search for meteorites first.

Please IF you witnessed this event file a Meteor Sighting Report 

Reports of the fireball sighting submitted by Victorians can be found here. http://thelatestworldwidemeteorreports.blogspot.com.au

Email for the The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News is-
LunarMeteoriteHunter <lunarmeteoritehunter@gmail.com>

I am personally prepared to offer a $100 pizza order for the first person, business, school or organisation that provides authentic footage of the fireball. All offers of footage that show the fireball will be accepted, although only the first one gets the pizza!  Please contact me on 0490 193 772 before submitting your footage.

Professor Phil Bland from Curtin University (08 9266 9763) and Dr Andy Tomkins from Monash University (03 9905 1643) can be contacted for more information about their research in Australian meteorite material.

David Finlay
m: 0490 193 772
e: starfield7@gmail.com
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