30 March 2015

The United States Department of State Issues Warning to US Citizens / Potential Meteorite Hunters in Oman

The United States Department of State Issues Warning to US Citizens/ Potential Meteorite Hunters in Oman Concerning Cultural Heritage Items.

The US Dept. of State has recently updated their website to include-

Local Laws & Special Circumstances

Cultural Heritage: Oman prohibits the removal of what it deems cultural heritage items, including -
archaeological treasures, meteorites, rocks, and stones.
  Anyone suspected of engaging in such activity may be prosecuted under Omani law.
U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to check with Omani authorities before removing anything that may fall into this category.

Oman Mining Law 2003 in Arabic / English as Publish by Royal Decree

note- 2015 New Law to be published soon.
Omani Laws apply to Omani nationals and ALL foreign nationals alike.

2015 The SECOND Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!


Unknown said...

Thanks Derek for giving this information. Meteorites of Oman can be collected only for scientific research and through agreement with the Directorate of Mining in Oman or with the Sultan Qaboos University, otherwise it is strictly forbidden to collect meteorite for commercial purposes and will be controlled by Oman customs at all border.

S. Nasir

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

Thank you Dr. Nasir for your kind information and clarification.
Best Regards, Dirk Ross...Tokyo