09 March 2015

Perth, Australia Daytime Fireball Meteor 09MAR2015 w/ Videos

Perth, Australia Daytime Fireball Meteor 09MAR2015 w/ Videos

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Perth, Australia Daytime Fireball Meteor 09MAR2015
Photo Credit - Radio 6PR
Possible meteor flashes across sky in Perth and South West
ABC Online
Dozens of people in Perth and WA's South West have reported a bright light in the sky, believed to have been small meteor. Callers flooded 720 ABC ...

Posted on YouTube by Radio 6PR 686 views

Meteorite Caught on Dashcam - North Perth, Australia | VIDEO
Posted on YouTube by YouFirstNews 84 views

Mystery Flash | 9 News Perth
Posted on YouTube by 9 News Perth 39 views
Look! Up in the sky! It's a meteor, says 81-year-old WA farmer
The Guardian
Angela Whife, 81, called ABC radio in Perth on Monday to say that she believed a meteor had winked out over her property mid-morning, and she was ...

Locals baffled after 'fireball' reportedly seen over Perth skies
March 09, 2015: Dashcam footage has captured what appears to be a falling meteor over Perth this morning. 9NEWS. An unidentified object seen ...

'Meteor' mayhem across the state's South West
97.3 Coast FM
Some locals were lucky enough to catch the supposed meteor on dashcams, with witness reports coming from as far and wide as Margaret River, ...

Expert: 'Pretty big chunk of meteorite'
Perth Now
Video of #fireball Meteorite streaking across #perthnews sky this morning. http://t.co/LkjWLzoEo6 pic.twitter.com/J2EFAn7L92. — News Talk 6PR 882 ...

Meteor flashes across Perth skies
WA today
A "fireball" believed to be a meteor has flashed across Perth skies on Monday morning.  Radio 6PR has been swamped with ...

'Meteorite' flashes across WA skies
The West Australian
... down right over City Beach and my first thought was it was a flare or a rocket, but it was coming from the sky so I'm pretty sure it was ameteor...

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Paul Chau said...

These clips must be kept in storage and compared every once in a while. Who knows somebody might be able to find a link for when all these meteor showers happen!