10 March 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 10MAR2015

Bright light of a meteor flashes over WA
YouTube ⋅ 01:48
Bright light of a meteor flashes over WA Sky News Australia‎ - 5 hours ago A burning meteor has flashed over parts of Western Australia, but it has not ... 09MAR2015

Fireball lights up morning sky
The West Australian
Radio stations were flooded with calls and social media sites were filled with posts from 9.30am about a bright light or fireball streaking across the sky ...

Stargazers Lounge
Meteor - posted in The Astro Lounge: Anyone see it, 7.32pm in the North East with a piece breaking off travelling South to North? in England. ...

Meteor may have sparked fires
Wanganui Chronicle
Eight fires in sometimes very remote places have Department of Conservation staff investigating whether the meteor which flashed across the New ... NONSENSE! Meteors DO NOT SPARK FIRES!

BBC Stargazing Live - 20th March
BIMS members will once again be showing meteorites for Stargazing Live
as part of the big event at Leicester Racecourse on the 20th. We have
been invited by the University of Leicester to be part of their
presentation....So far Martin Goff, Luther Jackson and I will be there
with parts of our collections on show.. the event is free so just turn
up and watch the eclipse from there and then join us to see/handle
some space rocks....lots of other space activities too.

WA meteor likely hit over Mid West, not city: academic
A university lecturer analysing the trajectory of a meteor spotted above Western Australia says it likely landed somewhere in the Mid West. Dozens of ...

Hunting for meteors
ABC Local
Finlay said this meteor sighting was unusual because it was seen in daylight. "We don't see many meteors in our skies, maybe one or two a year over ...

Meteorite may represent 'bulk background' of Mars' battered crust
EurekAlert! - 19 hours
NWA 7034, a meteorite found a few years ago in the Moroccan desert, is like no other rock ever found on Earth. It's been shown to be a 4.4 ...

Suspected meteorite flashes over Perth
AAP via Yahoo!7 News - 19 hours
A meteorite is believed to have landed in the Perth Hills area. There were dozens of unconfirmed sightings of a bright, white light flashing ...

’Meteorite landed 20m from me’
Adelaide Now - 15 hours
AN Aussie farmer says a suspected meteorite which flashed across Perth skies this morning crashed on her farm and she’s invited others to ...

Search for meteorite at Cobram
Prime7v1 via Yahoo!7 News - 22 hours
Astronomers believe a meteorite may have crashed near Cobram. At first it was believed the daylight meteorite had burned up in the ...

Looking skywards for job that rocks
The West Australian via Yahoo!7 News - 2 hours
Planetary scientists are monitoring 32 cameras that have been set up in the WA bush to track and record meteorites, space debris and anything ..

Japan's Hayabusa 2 asteroid mission checks out
by Stephen Clark- SpaceFlight Now -March 9, 2015
Three months into an interplanetary cruise expected to last three-and-a-half
years, Japan's $300 million Hayabusa 2 mission is in good health as it
begins an ion-powered pursuit of an asteroid to return a piece of it to

2015 The SECOND Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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