09 March 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 09MAR2015

Fireball flying over Perth caught on dashcams, scientists suspect meteorite
... falling through the atmosphere with a white bright lit tail,” Perth resident, Chris Ugle, posted in a Facebook group titled AustralianMeteor Reports.

Meteor sky show
Perth residents got a rare sky show this morning when what's believed to be an unusually large Meteor flashed over the city.

WA meteor likely hit over Mid West, not city: academic
ABC Online
A university lecturer analysing the trajectory of a meteor spotted above Western Australia says it likely landed somewhere in the Mid West. Dozens of ...

Meteor fireball in the sky bedazzles Western Australia residents
Experts say it was a rare and large meteor, and they want help to find it. ... has captured what appears to be a falling meteor over Perth this morning.

Bright light of a meteor flashes over WA
There are unconfirmed reports a meteorite has landed in WA after dozens of people saw a bright, white light in the sky.

Watch Video
Footage captures a white fireball streaking across the sky over Perth.Meteor lights up the Tauranga night sky. (Source: Supplied: Josh Sherborne) ...

Possible meteor flashes across sky in Perth and South West
Dozens of people in Perth and WA's South West have reported a bright light in the sky, believed to have been small meteor. Callers flooded 720 ABC ...

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