12 March 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 12MAR2015

Strange 'bright green' fireball seen over Wyoming and Colorado
County 10
Mashable reports this morning that that the fireball was also seen west of Denver at about 6 a.m. with a very similar description: “bright green” with a ...

Dashcam captures light streaking across Colorado sky Wednesday morning
The Denver Channel
Huge fireball north to south west of vail pass this morning. Bright green flaming tail. Across full sky. #fireball #meteor #cowx. — Greg Moore ...

YouTube ⋅ 00:31
Meteor over Colorado. Wasn't very bright just a small ball going from middle of the screen to the left across the screen lasts approximately 20 seconds.

Several report seeing possible meteor streak across Colorado sky
FOX31 Denver
DENVER — Several people in Colorado reported seeing a possiblemeteor in the sky early Wednesday morning. Viewers ... #meteor Saw it! So cool ...

Coloradans report seeing ball of light streak across the sky Wednesday morning
The Denver Channel
"Huge meteor just streaked east to west over Castlerock (sic) Colorado. It burnt bright green and faded over the mountains," Francis Eggleton tweeted.

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Natural History Museum (blog)
A very bright meteor is called a fireball. If the fireball is large enough (usually >1m), some of the rock may survive the fall and land on the Earth's ...

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