02 March 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 02MAR2015

'Fireball' Spotted in the Sky Believed to Have Caused Crater in This Kerala Town
The disaster management team which rushed to the spot suspects the crater could be caused due to a meteorite fall. "The samples collected by the ...

Kerala fireball possibly a meteor: Scientists
Delhi Daily News
The fireball that was spotted in the sky in some districts of Kerala a day ago could possibly be a meteor, as revealed in the primary investigation ...

Meteorite search begins at Cobram
ABC Local
A Wollongong astronomer is determined to find fragments of a daylight meteor that may have crashed to Earth near Cobram last week. Together with ...

Impact: Earth! A meteor/comet impact simulator
Physics Forums
A meteor/comet impact simulator(text only) provided by Purdue University. Lots of fun. :smile: You can smash things into the Earth varying the diameter ...

GSI to test 'debris' for meteor confirmation
Times of India
KOCHI: Experts from the Geological Survey of India (GSI),Thiruvananthapuram, has said that the recent 'fireball phenomenon' reported from different ...

Meteorite activity caused 'fireball': Kochi district administration
The Hindu
... if the objects belong to a meteor. He also refuted the reports of a mild tremor accompanying the fireball, saying that no such vibrations were reported ...

Scientists Examine 'Rocks', Confirm Kerala Meteor Fall
The New Indian Express
KOCHI: The mystery behind the fireballs that lit up Kerala skies on Friday night has finally been resolved, with scientists confirming that it was meteor, ...

What is the difference between a meteoroid, a meteor and a meteorite?
Yahoo Answers
a. A meteoroid is a chunk of debris that reaches the Earth's surface. A meteor is a piece of debris ...

Meteor Impact Crater Exhibit Opens in Wetumpka
The exhibit showcases painting, sculptures, fossils, and the scientific research into the meteor strike, which is the only authenticated impact crater in ...

'Fireball' sighted in Kerala again
Oman Tribune
'Fireballs' were sighted at various places in the state since Friday. A preliminary examination by scientists on Sunday revealed that the 'fireball' could ...

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