31 March 2015

Osaka, Japan- Russian Launch Debris Re-Entry 29MAR2015 - 2015年3月29日21:48:36JSTの継続時間の長い流星

Osaka, Japan - Russian Launch Debris Re-Entry 29MAR2015 -  2015年3月29日21:48:36JSTの継続時間の長い流星

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Osaka, Japan - Russian Launch Debris Re-Entry 29MAR2015 
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The re-entry of 2015-016B / 40543 was imaged by Masayoshi Ueda, from Habikino, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, on 2015 Mar 29 near 12:49 UTC (21:49 JST). It was the second stage (model 11S510) of the Soyuz rocket that launched Soyuz-TMA 16M on 2015 Mar 27 UTC.

Video and still imagery is available here:

  Judging by the reported brightness and its appearance in the video, it may have been captured in the early stages of its final descent, not long after it became self-luminous.
  This re-entry is number 252 in my table of visually observed natural re-entries:
  It is the 200th Russian object in the table, and the 54th 11S510 stage (by far the most common type of object in the list).
  This is the 7th consecutive month with at least one known sighting of a natural decay.
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