17 March 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15/16MAR2015

Germany / Switzerland / Austria Fireball Meteor15MAR2015 - Video!
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
Sternschnuppe, Meteorit 15.03.2015 Tirol Posted to YouTube by simi366 301 views. Check your security cameras! YOUR meteor report is important.

Ireland / Scotland Meteor 15MAR2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
The fireball was much larger than any meteor I have seen before. Much bigger and brighter than Jupiter. Saw the fireball grow in size very quickly, ...

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
Many experts regard the Russian meteor explosion as a global wake-up call about the very real dangers that asteroids present. IAWN and SMPAG are ...

Breathtaking Loch Ness fireball meteor lights up night sky in 'once in a lifetime' picture
The meteor was so bright it would have terrified Nessie and even caused panicked locals to phone the coastguard after mistaking it for a distress flare.

Cumbrian coast 'meteor' sightings spark lifeboat search
BBC News
A 'meteor' mistaken for a distress flare sparked a lifeboat search operation off the English coast. Maryport Coastguard Rescue Team said it received ...

Meteor streaks across sky from Loch Ness to Austria (VIDEO)
New York Daily News
Sensational dashcam footage filmed by a motorist in Tyrol, Austria, shows the enormous orb plunging towards the Earth's atmosphere at 8:44 p.m. on ...

Fireball With Sonic Booms Over Germany and Switzerland
International Meteor Organization
The IMO has received over 45 reports of a bright fireball meteor over Germany and Switzerland that occurred on March 15th, around 19:48 Universal ...

Fireball meteor spotted in skies over Switzerland and Austria
Signs of the Times
Footage of an unidentified object, thought to be a meteor or meteorite, moving across the night skies above central Europe has emerged online.

Huge Meteorite Over Europe | نيزك عملاق يعبر سماء أوروبا فيديو
كرة ضخمة من اللهب حلقت مساء أمس الأحد 15 مارس 2015 فوق أورو، وقد ظهر في كلّ من النمسا وسويسرا وشمال شرق فرنسا. وكان النيزك كبيرا يمكن رأيته بالعين ...

Why is a meteor shower green in colour?
BBC News
Coastguards in Stornoway were inundated with calls from members of the public who reported seeing flares in the sky on Sunday night. Sightings ...

Falling meteor in Cumbria prompts 999 calls
News & Star
A major search was launched after distress flares, which turned out to be a meteor, were reported in Cumbria. Concerned members of the public ..

Hier rast der Meteor über Deutschland und die Schweiz
FOCUS Online
Ein greller Blitz, ein Knall – dieses kosmische Ereignis sorgt für Aufregung auf der Erde. Videos zeigen, wie der Meteor über der Schweiz und über ...

Dash cam footage: Fireball meteor spotted in skies over Switzerland and Austria
Footage of an unidentified object, thought to be a meteor or meteorite, moving across the night skies above central Europe has emerged online.

Swiss residents report seeing streaking meteor
The Local.ch
Residents of several cantons in Switzerland reported seeing ameteor blazing across the sky on Sunday night that was also seen in Austria, southern ...

Meteor causes scare in southern Germany
The Local.de
When the evening sky suddenly lit up on Sunday evening, many south Germans were frightened, with some even calling the emergency services.

Shooting star Meteor Over Tyrol Austria Caught On Dashcam 3/15/15
This Vine clip was Shared via twitter showing Dash Cam Footage of a Fireball Breaking up Over Switzerland. 3/15/15.

Dash-cam dazzle: Huge fireball captured in Switzerland's sky
Witnesses reported seeing a green and white meteor flying over Switzerland on Sunday evening, with several dash-cam recordings soaring in ...

Meteorite Crashes into Woods in Switzerland
Thousands saw tonight a huge meteorite flying over Germany and then to Switzerland. According to several witnesses, it crashed into the woods close ...

WOW!** Just Breaking News! Be One Of The First! Fireball/Meteor with Sonics
Before It's News
Just Breaking News- 14 Sighting Reports Germany / Switzerland / Austria Fireball Meteor 2050 CET http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot… WOW.

'Anthropocene' epoch for Earth etches human impacts in stone
Los Angeles Times - 18 hours
Man's tenure on Earth is brief on the astronomical time scale, but the changes wrought by Homo sapiens have been measurable and profound.

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