16 March 2015

Ireland / Scotland Meteor 15MAR2015

Ireland / Scotland Meteor 2100 GMT 15MAR2015
16 meteor sighting reports!
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Ireland / Scotland Meteor 2100 GMT 15MAR2015
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
15MAR2015 Maga Moate, co.westmeath, Ireland 21:00:00 5-6 seconds N-S Very bright orange with a green tail, very close like firework, slow moving Brighter than Venus No fragments No pictures

15MAR2015 Jamie MacEwan aka Jamie Groobel, Screwtop Fulton, Amisfield, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. approx 20.59 GMt 2- ish seconds South East towards North west Orange ball followed by a bunson burner effect tail : yellow surrounded by pale blue/ white Almost like a car headlight at full beam at 400 metres No. I have seen fragmentation once before. I thought that experience would never be topped (2012 - unreported). I feel as if I am in a state of shock. I watched an object travelling east to west in the small hours of the morning on a clear, crisp morning in the spring of 2012 whilst driving an HGV across the A66 from Scotch Corner to Kendal. On that occasion the Orange ball split into around 4 pieces in way that I can only describe as like a rocket breaking apart. Tonight it was not like that -'around 2 or so seconds then it appeared to 'burn out'. Incredible!!

15MAR2015 Nick Bangor.Northern Ireland 21.07 2 sw-ne green Umm it lit clouds up and roof of homes yes Very bright,passed in and out of clouds.

15MAR2015 Gregor White Abington, Scotland 21:00:00 6 secs S to N. me facing West Fireball with tail Very bright No Fast, S to N travel.

15MAR2015  We were driving home tonight at 21:00 in Fortstewart ,Ramelton ,Co Donegal ,Ireland.We saw what looked like a green shooting star streak across the clear sky ,it had a red trail ,it then appeared to explode creating a large green flash. - Maura M.
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