10 December 2014

Germany / Czech Rep. / Poland / Austria / Slovakia Fireball Meteor 09DEC2014

Germany / Czech Rep. / Poland / Austria / Slovakia Fireball Meteor
17:17 MEZ /  1616 UTC 09DEC2014
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Germany / Czech Rep. / Poland / Austria / Slovakia Fireball Meteor 
17:17 MEZ / 1616 UTC 09DEC2014v.1 c2014 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth

Video 1

Bright Fireball 2014-12-09 16:16:45 UTC Lindenberg (Germany)
Posted to YouTube by André Knöfel 113 views
Published on Dec 9, 2014
André Knöfel    Thank you André!

Video 2

Bolid nad Polską 9 12 2014 161645UT
Posted to YouTube by Regulus128 374 views
Thank you
ARTY_Bi_Skup for the video info!

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
09DEC2014 Pavol Cerven Bratislava, Slovakia 17:15:00 5 sec nearly N (bearing 300) greenish blue -5 magn (less then Moon) yes start bearing 75, end bearing 300. In the end fragmentation and flash N48.22137,E16.980872

09DEC2014 Enrico Döring Berlin, Germany 17:17 MEZ 7/8/2014 starts in SO stop in SSO, left to right, facing in SO direction green/blue till orange/light yellow more than Venus light no

09DEC2014 Dominik Neugersdorf, Saxony, Germany) 16:16 UTC 5-10 sec Direction N-S, Facing S-E Color blue, green, red / no sound brightness like moon At the end it seems that it were fragmented Hey there! My wife and I have also seen that meteor in Neugersdorf/Saxony/Germany. And I asked others from here. A handfull of people from other towns have seen it also. I wonder why there's no comment from the press.

09DEC2014 Nembo Buldrini Seibersdorf, 2444 AUSTRIA 17:15 Central Europe 7-10 secs Facing N, Direction E-W Greenish about 2x moon small fragments -

09DEC2014 André Knöfel Dzikowo, Gubin, Poland 16:16:45 UTC / 17:16:45 CET 7 near SE-horizon from E to S yellow, red moon some pieces at the end From a car during driving.Also on a video with a all sky camera from Lindenberg, Germany - see separate mail  - Thanks for the video Andre Knöfel.

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