18 December 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 18DEC2014

Scientists chart a hidden watery world for life deep below ground
The Globe and Mail - 1 hour
New study suggests that ancient water sealed off from the surface is more widespread than researchers had previously recognized ...

Comet Lovejoy and Ursids Meteor Shower 2014 to light up the night sky this Christmas
Comet Lovejoy and Ursids Meteor Shower will happen this month. Comet C/2014 Q2, also known as Comet Lovejoy, will be visible to the naked eye ...

Methane on Mars: does it mean the Curiosity rover has found life?
The Guardian - 5 hours
Nasa’s announcement of the discovery of methane – which on Earth comes largely from life – has sparked speculation The results are certainly ...

Rosetta Orbiter to Swoop Down On Comet in February
Jet Propulsion Laboratory- December 17, 2014
The European Space Agency's orbiting Rosetta spacecraft is expected to
come within four miles (six kilometers) of the surface of comet
67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in February of next year. The flyby will be
the closest the comet explorer will come during its prime mission. ...

MESSENGER Data Suggest Recurring Meteor Shower on Mercury
NASA- December 12, 2014
The closest planet to the sun appears to get hit by a periodic meteor
shower, possibly associated with a comet that produces multiple events
annually on Earth. ...

Study Hints that Ancient Earth Made Its Own Water - Geologically Evidence that rock circulating in the mantle feeds world's oceans even today
Pam Frost Gorder -Ohio State University - December 17, 2014
SAN FRANCISCO - A new study is helping to answer a longstanding question
that has recently moved to the forefront of earth science: Did our planet
make its own water through geologic processes, or did water come to us
via icy comets from the far reaches of the solar system? ...

Astrophotography on Location: How to Photograph a Meteor Shower Video
YouTube ⋅ 04:11
A more detailed Blog: http://www.thomasheaton.co.uk/photogr... A location video offering a few tips to help when photographing ameteor shower. ..

Possible fireball seen shooting across the sky
KOAA.com Colorado Springs and Pueblo News
Meteorologist Stephen Bowers said it's likely a meteor. He said, "There are reports of this being seen around Denver , too. It's actually under review by ...

Bad Astronomy
So in my post about the Geminid meteor shower yesterday, I said that I didn't catch a single Geminid in my photos, and that's true. But going over them ...

Bright meteor seen streaking
CTV News
People across the province took to social media to describe a meteorsighting Saturday night. ...Date?

Astrophotos: Views of the Geminid Meteor Shower from Around the World
Universe Today
Astrophotographer Mary Spicer shared these four meteor shots, and added, ... A unique view of the 2014 Geminid Meteor Shower, taken on Dec. 14.

Atmospheric calcium spikes indicate potential meteorshowers at Mercury
Artist's concept: Mercury appears to undergo a recurring meteorshower, perhaps when its orbit crosses the debris trail left by comet Encke. (Credit: ...

Tunable laser sniffs out Martian methane
An alternative explanation for the elevated concentrations could be a recent meteor strike – but Webster and co-workers reckon that to generate the ...

Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Watch for the Geminid meteor showers tonight and tomorrow morning! If you are stuck in an area with bad weather or light pollution, you can still "see".

meteor like alien craft witnessed by colonist in new york
world ufo photos and news.org
The German colonist stated he observed what looked like a meteor passing west at around 250 yards from him and approximately 65 feet above the ...

2014 The Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™; Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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