25 December 2014

Spain Fireball Meteor/s 24DEC2014

Spain Fireball Meteor/s Approx. 2100/2200 24DEC2014

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Spain Meteor Sighting Reports Map
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Initial Meteor Reports-

24DEC2014 norman garrett berja, southern spain, 40k east of almeria approx 10pm 15-20 seconds south to north very bright ball followed by a very long tail light, it crossed from behind me and disapeered to the north, it took approximately 15-20 seconds to cross the entire sky. the sky is very clear tonight. I called my son who came to the door 5-6 seconds later and we both watched it disapeer at an amazing spped to the north much brighter than the moon nothing falling but a very long bright tail none

24DEC2014 Paul Lomax Alhaurin el Grande, Spain 21:00 CET 6 S-N Very bright white Venus None Travelling very fast very shallow trajectory

24DEC2014 Chris price Spain 21.08 10 S left to right White with long white tail Bright moon No Amazing, clear and very bright and so close to earth. I have seen lots of shooting stars but this was incredible!

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